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ColorWave 3600/3800 Printer Series Full Demo

The ColorWave 3000 series inspires confidence with its hassle-free operation, high print quality, and outstanding reliability. This flexible printing system is ideal for both technical document and graphic arts print providers.

Smart time-saving innovations reduce misprints and costs. With automated roll switching, comprehensive workflow software, and excellently tuned peripherals, the ColorWave 3000 series is capable of producing a broad application range with minimal operator intervention.

The ColorWave 3000 series comes in two models: the ColorWave 3600 for worry-free walkup printing, and the ColorWave 3800 for users who require higher media capacity and even more media versatility.

The ClearConnect software suite and user interface help you manage complex jobs and ensures first-time-right printing. Submit jobs easily via the Publisher Select application with automatic print previews that keep misprints to a minimum. Driver Select for Windows further reduces errors and gives you first time right results with its easy to use functionalities. And with Driver Express you can print postscript files in Mac and Windows.

The Print Assistant automatically suggests the right print mode for your job. Media requirements are detected and then the printer switches directly to the right roll. When scanning or copying, the Image Logic scanning technology turns damaged or folded originals into accurate, high-quality scans and copies.

The secure PowerSync controller allows for convenient and fast job processing. Its open architecture enables integrations with a variety of print management applications. The reliable PowerSync controller provides lightning-fast job submission and enables you to use the submission software, drivers, and control software that fit the way you work.

The rotatable user interface means you can always operate the printer from the most convenient position that suits you. Collect your prints from the top delivery tray or your preferred finishing device.

With a media capacity of up to 6 rolls, the ColorWave 3800 model enables you to productively mix applications and run large jobs without interruption. MediaSense technology automatically adjusts the gap between imaging devices and media for high-quality output without manual adjustments when printing on differing thicknesses.

Versatile CrystalPoint printing technology offers instant-dry prints with no feathering and fine details on a variety of media types from thin, uncoated to thick poster media, and even vinyl.

As a true workhorse, the ColorWave 3000 series uses durable parts with a long lifetime. The printer itself is built for robust, safe printing for years on end using proven technologies. The Canon service organization offers outstanding support based on decades of experience.

The 5th generation ColorWave 3000 series uses toner pearls, proven technology with over 10,000 installations worldwide. The toner pearls are heated and then jetted onto the media with extreme precision.

Print on a wide range of media, even uncoated, and get robust prints thanks to CrystalPoint. Prints are instantly dry, robust, and water-resistant without the need for lamination. The ColorWave 3000 series with CrystalPoint technology applies nozzle failure compensation on the fly to avoid misprints and maintain high throughout. This ensures consistent print quality from the first to last print throughout the lifetime of your printer.

Your data is protected in all phases of the print process. When the data is in transit, it’s protected by secure, encrypted protocols. When at rest, your data is securely encrypted. Since a printer isn’t used as a long-term data storage solution, deletion is made secure by data shredding and proper deleting protocols. There is also an option to remove the hard disk when the printer is decommissioned. Robust user authentication provides document security for users and activity control for budget managers. Hack prevention guards against malicious intrusion. All of these security measures are built for the long term.

Enjoy a healthy working environment thanks to CrystalPoint technology. The printing process emits no fine dust, ozone, or odor, and the toner pearls are non-toxic. The low sound levels produced by the ColorWave printer make for a comfortable work environment. It’s also certified with the Energy Star label for low energy use. Support for recycling initiatives is standard. You can print on uncoated or recycled media, and the prints are de-inkable for better recycling. At the end of its life, the ColorWave 3000 printers can be remanufactured and reused by Canon.