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PlotWave 3000 Printer Series Full Demo

The PlotWave 3000 series is easy to use thanks to its embedded intelligence and exceptional simplicity.

Access and print your latest revisions from your home folder, cloud, or local network. Or use the intuitive copying and scanning features available on the user interface. The PlotWave p 3000 printer series allows users to print only the files in their own inbox. Users can quickly print and click their own confidential designs.

With ClearConnect, even the most complex jobs become easy to print. Drag and drop files for great results. Accurate, live print previews enable users to check the effect of their print settings immediately. This avoids costly, time-wasting misprints.

Standardize your workflow and efficiently repeat jobs with easy-to-create specialized media and scan templates. Print from anywhere. With Publisher Mobile, you can preview and print files from your phone or tablet. With Publisher Express, you can submit print files directly from the web. Driver Select, the large format printer driver for Windows, reduces errors and gives you first time right results. The Driver Express enables printing postscript files from Mac and Windows.

Your data, your working environment, and your results are in safe hands with the PlotWave 3000 series. It’s important more now than ever to protect sensitive information. The PlotWave series makes security easy. PlotWave printers offer multiple security measures designed to keep data and information safe, and for the right eyes only.

The PlotWave 3000 series is designed for first time right printing. It helps you save time, paper, and toner. Radiant Fusing technology prevents print resolution loss, dot size degradation, and line fuzziness since the toner melts exactly where it’s placed on the media.

Image Logic boosts readable detail in the scanned file by reducing creases and paper folds in the scanned original. The PlotWave 3000 series is a good office companion with low ozone emissions, noise levels, and heat emissions. The toner system is completely closed to prevent unhealthy fumes from being inhaled.

The PlotWave 3000 series is environmentally friendly. Radiant Fusing Technology ensures low power consumption and the system is Energy Star certified. With the PlotWave 3000 series, you can print on uncoated or recycled media. You can even deink prints before recycling. The printers can be remanufactured and reused by Canon, promoting a circular economy.

The PlotWave 3000 has intelligent automation that makes life easier. With automatic roll width detection and easy paper feeding, media loading is easy. Automatic roll switching quickly changes between media rolls and positions the image in the correct place. Pico printing automatically includes extra dots for impressive image quality. Radiant Fusing optimally adjusts the temperature of the system to suit the media.

No need to prioritize functionalities. Printing a complex job? Scan or copy documents at the same time. PowerSync enables concurrent operations without sacrificing productivity or quality. The PlotWave 3000 saves time with its document delivery options. Depending on your needs, you can easily collect your prints from the top delivery tray or Stacker Select. The top delivery tray is positioned at an ergonomic height and plots are neatly collated and stacked in the tray. For extra capacity, choose the Stacker Select, which can stack up to 400 42” wide sheets.

With virtually no warm-up time, the PlotWave 3000 series saves time and cuts energy costs from sleep mode to print in hand in just 40 seconds. In addition, a PlotWave 3000 printer series reaches print speeds of up to 6 A1 / D-sized prints per minute or up to 360 sheets per hour (even unattended). Up to 2 roll media capacity provides the application range to print a variety of jobs in-house. This includes FSC paper, recycled paper, and many other media types.