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uniFLOW - What is uniFLOW?

uniFLOW is a powerful software platform designed to help you manage print related costs, increase office work productivity and protect your business through better document security.

uniFLOW - Modular Architecture

uniFLOW has a modular architecture allowing you to choose precisely the functionality that your organization requires.

uniFLOW - Mobile Print Job Submission

Even with the advance of mobile technologies in the workplace, paper is still essential in business. But what happens if you need to print information while you are away from the office or away from your desk?

uniFLOW - Mobile Print Job Release

Secure printing is an essential part of any print infrastructure in order to reduce costs and maintain document security. Users have the option of being able to send secure print jobs to uniFLOW via several different methods, including printing from a Windows or Mac desktop, uploading a file to a webpage or sending a job via email.

uniFLOW - Universal Print Driver

In a normal office, there may be several different devices from the same or different manufactures. What happens if a user decides to walk to a different printer to release their job? The user may not get the printout they originally requested, or worse still, no print out at all.

uniFLOW - Secure Printing

Information Security is an important concern for any business. Users who deal with confidential information are reluctant to print sensitive documents to a shared network device, and often use this as an excuse to buy and use a local printer.

uniFLOW – Collect Your Print Jobs Anywhere

Printing is an integral part of daily office work. Professionals, office assistants and managers alike rely on printing to be available when needed in order to work and communicate productively.

uniFLOW – Rules & Routing

Gaining a good understanding of print related costs and identifying opportunities for savings is the first step. Actually achieving these savings across the organization is more challenging.

uniFLOW - Chargeback Costs

Professional service organizations charge their printing costs to individual projects, organizations charge printing costs to departmental budgets, educational establishments charge printing costs back to students or faculties.

uniFLOW – Scan & Edit Documents

Users can access their individual scanning workflows from any scan enabled Canon multifunctional device on the network and automate their business bringing additional productivity to many parts of their daily work.

uniFLOW – Device Security

According to a recent study, paper records were the second most significant source of a data breach, second only to losing a laptop or other device.

uniFLOW - Document Security

While access restrictions to the MFD´s and the secure printing functionality are good enough security measures for most environments, there are certain areas that require extra security, such as departments dealing with medical records, patient or other personal information, technology research and design or other types of confidential data.

uniFLOW - Automatic Rerouting of Large Print Jobs

In case of large print jobs, office employees have two options for printing either directly on the office multifunctional printer close by or in the print room.

uniFLOW - Print Job Ticket

With uniFLOW in-house employees can send their large print jobs directly from their PC to the central print room in an efficient and standardized manner.

uniFLOW - Custom Workflows

Document workflows can vary greatly from department to department or from project to project. An accounting department may have special requirements for scanning invoices to a document management system, while the sales department wants to be able to convert paper orders into Microsoft Excel format for easier processing.