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ColorStream 8000 series

Web-fed Color Presses

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Explore productivity

More jobs. Shorter runs. Tighter deadlines. Application versatility.

Whether you’re a print and communication service provider, a corporate enterprise or data center, a dedicated publication printer, or an all-round commercial printer, to stay ahead you need a press that enables you to set up jobs, switch media, and personalize documents easily. You also want to run your printer with minimal operator intervention. These are just some of the aspects in which the ColorStream 8000 series excels.

Explore stunning quality

Create breathtaking applications

The new native 1,200 dpi printheads deliver stunning, consistent print quality from the first page to the last. In addition, the powerful SRA controller RIPs print data with fully variable content at rated speed. With control over every nozzle in the printheads, the controller is able provide a more consistent droplet size and placement, forming the basis for striking print quality.

  • Native 1,200 dpi printhead resolution
  • A wide range of uncoated and inkjet-optimized media from 40 to 160 gsm (27 lb. to 110 lb. Text)
  • New water-based pigment inks to achieve impressive quality on uncoated paper without pre-treatment
  • Optimized ink formulation for light-weight media and heavier stocks

Explore efficiency

Minimize waste and maximize value

Through its unique combination of flexibility and quality, the ColorStream 8000 series simplifies and accelerates your transition from monochrome to full-color digital print. Capitalize on the waste-free print pause, printing in speed ramps, and the Canon HeadSafe technology for highly reliable automated operation.

  • Return on investment
  • Effective ink management and small ink droplets
  • Energy-efficient drying process
  • Automated print head cleaning to minimize ink waste and secure optimized print quality

Explore sustainability

Pursue our common goal

Sustainable design is one of the key aspects of the ColorStream 8000 series. Not only is it manufactured using solar energy and long-life components, it is also produced for robust productivity, low labor investment, low energy consumption, and minimized paper waste.

  • Waste-free print pause and printing in speed ramps
  • Direct imaging process that enables color consistency and optimized results
  • On-demand printing, to eliminate waste and obsolescence

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Inkjet 1,200 dpi DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
Ink ColorStream 8000 water-based pigment inks, MICR*
Drop size Variable/Multilevel 2 – 5 pl
Paper transport Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control
Print speed pages per minute ColorStream 8160: 525 ft/min – 2,290 US letter duplex
Max. effective duty cycle AMPV 16 – 75 M US Letter
Print width 6.5”– 22”
Page length 3” to 60”
Paper width 6.5”– 22.5”
Paper weight and caliper 40 – 160 gsm, up to 350 microns; < 40 gsm and > 160 gsm and > 200 microns with positive media testing
Reel shafts 3”, 5” and 6”
Substrates Uncoated, inkjet-treated, pre-printed, recycled, inkjet coated
Power requirements per tower  
Connection** 400V/63A per Tower, 10A per Chiller, 10A per Web Cleaner, 16A Controller
Consumption printing** 25.4 kVA per Tower
Consumption idle** 1.2 kVA per Tower
Physical data  
Length x Width (per tower) 139” x 57”
Length x Width (twin without PPU***) 331” x 57”
Height 78.7”
Weight (per tower) 6,239 lbs.
Temperature Optimal 68 – 79 °F
Humidity 40 – 60 %
Operating noise < 80 dBa
Controller SRA MP
Input data format**** AFP/IPDS (IS/3), PDF, PDF/VT (APPE 5), PCL 6, Line Data, LCDS, Metacode, PostScript, PPML, TIFF, VIPP
Print manager (optional) PRISMAproduction
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet (copper); 10 Gigabit Ethernet (copper, Optic MMF/SR, Optic SMF/LR)
Print modes 1/1 – 4/4 – 1/0 – 4/0 + MICR
Configuration Single, I-Twin, L-Twin, and H-Twin (with Flex option), CMYK + MICR (option)
Speed versions: 525 ft/min at 1200x600 dpi; 436/min at 1200x720 dpi; 262 ft/min at 1200x1200 dpi

All information is subject to change without notice.
*MICR printing at 600 dpi
**Consumption per tower at typical printing conditions at 525 ft/min full color on 90 gsm media with 22” print width
***Paper Processing Unit
****Partly in combination with PRISMAproduction

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Product Demos

Canon ColorStream 8000 Inkjet Web Press - Product Animation Video

Introducing the brand new Canon ColorStream 8000 series Inkjet Web Press - the next step in the evolution of the reputable ColorStream Series from Canon Solutions America.

Heritage of the Canon ColorStream Inkjet Web Press series

Learn why the ColorStream series of web-fed inkjet presses is the most installed inkjet web press worldwide, with over 1,500 installations. Meet the newest member of this reputable class - the Canon ColorStream 8000 series - taking production inkjet printing to the next level of productivity and efficiency.


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