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BarTender is built from the ground up to support the complexities of enterprise-scale deployments. It sets the labeling software standard for the world’s most dynamic supply chains and manufacturing operations in every industry—from aerospace and automotive to chemical and pharmaceutical, and from food and beverage to retail and medical devices. BarTender helps to provide the security, traceability, transparency, and interoperability that enable regulatory compliance and supply chain velocity.

BarTender offers the flexibility to define your labeling solution based on your needs. It comprehensively integrates with most business systems or warehouse management systems (WMS), including Oracle, SAP, IBM WebSphere, Sage, Infor, HighJump, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics—even “homegrown” WMS. And, with it, you can also print from any operating system, device, or web browser.

Additionally, BarTender enables verified users to choose designs, complete print-time data forms, and launch print jobs to any printer on the internet—anywhere in the world—with just a few clicks in a browser or the BarTender Print Portal App.

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Features and Benefits

A spectrum of configurable security options: BarTender offers layers of security options, ranging from simple Print-Only mode to complex role-based permissions, configurable to help meet your business needs.

Centralized control and compliance: Comprehensive system management features enable enterprises to centrally monitor and secure their design and printing operations across sites and continents.

Powerful design and process automation with Intelligent Templates™: BarTender’s exclusive Intelligent Templates provide outstanding versatility and control over label design and automation.

Built to help meet the interoperability demands of the supply chain: Native support for XML means that it’s simple and straightforward to connect BarTender to the systems you use every day—including financial, data warehouse, WMS, HR, and more.

Automate integration with your data, wherever it lives: Comprehensively integrate BarTender’s printing capabilities with most business systems, WMS, or ERP—even “homegrown” systems.

Support for the most complex configurations: Schedule multiple actions within a single trigger event. Connect and communicate via XML, TCP/IP, UDP, or HTTP. BarTender supports JSON. C#. SOAP messages.

Avoid production stoppages due to printer errors: BarTender seamlessly manages failover and printer redirects to help keep your labeling in production.

Give your print operators an intuitive user experience: The BarTender Integration Builder live preview wizard helps you set up dynamic forms so your print operator can easily search and select records and incorporate print-time input.

Maintain your current system’s look and feel: BarTender can be integrated so it doesn’t “show” in your ERP or WMS, helping to provide a seamless experience.

Everything you need for enterprise labeling with no hidden costs: BarTender’s native support for XML means there’s no extra API required to connect your label system to your data—no custom coding required and no hidden charges. Even Standard Maintenance and Support are free for the first year.

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