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Box - Work as One

Enterprise Office Software

Box Brochure

Box Brochure

Benefits & Features

Box Value Proposition

Help Increase Productivity

  • Get work done anywhere, anytime
  • Find assets faster
  • Streamline communication by consolidating conversations in one location

Robust Security Features

  • Help ensure no assets get leaked to the public before they have been approved through security and governance features
  • Help prevent assets from getting into the wrong hands by sending access to information rather than the document itself; access can be revoked at any time
  • Lockdown user accounts through administrative settings before any data is able to be taken

Help Lower Costs

  • No cost to increase storage space as content grows
  • No need for software licenses to only review assets
  • Unleash FTE resources from non-strategic projects


  • Box addresses a wide variety of pain points for customers
  • Large files: difficult to transfer between teams, agencies, and vendors
  • Creating and approving assets: requires multiple people collaborating, so required to keep track of comments and versions
  • Organization: companies have so many assets that it is difficult to quickly find the right one
  • Security: assets must be kept secure during the creation process as many cannot be seen by the public before officially launched
  • Storage: rich media assets tend to be large and require large amounts of storage space, which can become expensive
  • Mobile: many rich media asset file formats cannot be viewed on mobile devices or cannot be accessed on mobile from on-premise DAMs
  • Sharing: once assets are completed, they must be shared and accessed by many different teams on multiple platforms within and outside the company
  • Box can help reduce IT costs and help improve productivity
  • $2M in IT cost savings over three years through retiring storage and ECM
  • $3M in avoided costs due to improved risk migration and security
  • 20% improvement in user productivity
  • Box can easily replace expensive legacy solutions that haven't kept up with today's cloud based tools
  • Storage: costs with legacy systems may increase as your content grows
  • Maintenance: on-premise systems demand management investments
  • Limited Mobile Access: legacy systems may be difficult to work with outside of the office
  • Clunky User Interfaces: system management requires specialized training and time
  • Fragmented Solutions: content has to be moved at various stages during its lifecycle
  • Fragmented Security: transferring content can impact data security and compliance

1 Three-year risk adjusted results from a commissioned TEI study conducted by Forrester

Box Core Product Features

Sharing, Collaboration & Automation

  • Box Edit
  • Box Notes
  • Box Sync
  • Box Accelerator
  • Box Embed
  • Search & Favorites
  • Comments & Tasks
  • User Statistics
  • File Preview & Locking
  • Shared Links and Customer URLs
  • User Groups
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Metadata
  • Unlimited External Collaborators
  • Automation (Box Enterprise only)

Security Features

  • Usage Logs
  • File Statistics
  • Admin Activity Tracking
  • Content Manager
  • Custom Terms of Service
  • Mobile Security Controls
  • Device Trust

Security: File Sharing & Collaboration

  • Granular Permissions
  • Encryption in transit/at rest
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Shared Link Password Security
  • Box Verified Enterprise
  • Bulk Managed User Provisioning
  • Admin Role Delegation
  • Test Environment 
  • Document Watermarking (Box Enterprise only)
  • Password Policy Enforcement (Box Enterprise only)

Security: Risk Mitigation

  • TUV Theinland Cloud Security Cert.
  • SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, IOS 27018
  • FIPS140-2
  • PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
  • FedRAMP


  • BOX Mobile App
  • Box Capture App 
  • Box Assured Apps
  • Box Accelerator
  • App Use Management
  • Box for EMM

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Add-ons & Consulting

Box has a number of add-on products as well as third party integrations and offers professional services via its consulting offerings summarized below.

Box Governance

Box Governance adds to Box’s cloud content management capabilities by enabling organizations to set retention policies, legal holds, and security classifications on their content. It provides the guardrails you need to govern content in the cloud, without impacting your user’s ability to get work done.

Companies use Box Governance in…

  • maintaining Sec17a-4 & Sec17a-3 compliances for retaining records
  • retaining blueprints and other plans for 10 years post job completion
  • retaining current employee records for 3 years
  • retaining customer records for 7 years
  • placing proprietary product information and intellectual property on legal hold
  • centralizing held content for attorney review during litigation
  • protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) in the cloud
  • preventing data leakage with security classifications

Box GxP

Box provides an innovative approach for maintaining GxP compliance in the cloud. With Box GxP Validation, life sciences companies can now create, collaborate, manage, and distribute information with their employees and partners, including CROs and CMOs, backed by enterprise grade security and compliance. All content, regulated and non-regulated, can now be standardized on a single content management platform. In addition, with Box GxP Validation, they can accelerate the validation process with validation documentation designed specifically for agile cloud platforms, ensure that Box is constantly in a validated state, and simply manage GxP documents to meet compliance needs / requirements.
Box GxP Validation can also be deployed with Box Zones, Box KeySafe, and Box Governance so customers can meet global data protection requirements, compliance obligations, and internal security needs on a single Cloud Content Management platform.

Box GxP simplifies the GxP compliance needs of customers by:

Reducing Risk

  • Be confident that all content is on a compliant and secure platform, without having to diagnose whether content is regulated or unregulated.
  • Assure intended use that core features of Box are functioning as intended.

Increasing Productivity

  • Increase efficiency by consolidating all repositories and breaking down silos between regulated and unregulated content.
  • Set audits up for success with Box documentation, tools, and reports specifically for agile cloud platforms.

Helping Capture Cost Savings

  • Reduce spend by decommissioning expensive legacy GxP-compliant environments.
  • Save on validation costs with tools and reports that ensure continued compliance without having to do big validation projects.

Box Consulting

Box offers increasing levels of consulting services to assist your customer with an effective and quick implementation. Box Consulting Services are sold by Canon Solutions America as a 3rd Party Professional Service. A SOW will be required. All consulting services are delivered directly by Box.

  • Box QuickStart: entry-level offering that is designed to get small businesses running successfully and quickly on Box in three to four weeks. QuickStart authorizes a member of the Box Consulting team to assist the customer on the implementation of the specific Box Service subscription type purchased.
  • Box SmartStart: mid-level offering designed to get small to medium sized businesses, with fewer than 500 users, successfully running on Box in six to eight weeks. SmartStart authorizes a member of the Box Consulting team to assist the customer on the implementation of the specific Box Service subscription type purchased.
  • Box FullStart: custom consulting package that supports customers deploying comprehensive use cases across the organization. Designed to get the customer fully up and running on Box in around six to twelve weeks. A customized scope of engagement is required. Engage with your Box Sales Team early in the sales cycle to obtain a custom Statement of Work for Box FullStart Professional Services.

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With customized controls and compliance, your organization has never been this secure.

Centrally Control Access. Rich configuration options let IT admins define security policies, manage users, and gain centralized control over content, metadata, and more.

Robust Reporting. Get audit trails on more than 70 file, user, and administrative activities across 13 categories, so you can see where, when, and how your content is used.

Lighten Administrative Load. Easily implement automated policies to support eDiscovery and data retention while staying compliant with HIPAA, FINRA SEC 17a-4, PCI, and more.

To learn more about Box and Compliance, contact a Canon Solutions America Representative today.

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Canon and Box

The partnership between Canon and Box brings together Canon’s portfolio of document imaging solutions and cloud technologies with Box’s rich platform capabilities.  Canon and Box offer integrated solutions for industries such as government, non-profit, healthcare, legal, financial services firms, and more.

Using uniFLOW, Nuance eCopy ShareScan, or ADVANCE Cloud Portal, connect Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imageFORMULA Document Scanners with your Box sale for a full secure end-to-end collaboration platform.2

Customers can easily and securely manage and share documents in the cloud for optimized efficiency.

  • Box helps save time
  • Box helps increase productivity
  • Box allows effortless document sharing
  • Box enables customers to collaborate efficiently, internally and externally, safely and securely.

2 uniFLOW, ADVANCE Cloud Portal and Quick Scan are all Canon software solutions that allow users to scan directly to Box. uniFLOW and ADVANCE Cloud Portal are sold separately. ADVANCE Cloud Portal is compatible on the following imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems: C7500 Series, C5500 Series, C3500 Series, C355iF/C255iF, 8500 Series, 6500 Series, 4500 Series. uniFLOW Capture is compatible on all current Canon MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) enabled devices. Quick Scan is available on the following imageFORMULA scanners: P-215II, DR-C225, DR-C225W, DR-C240, DR-M140, DR-M160II. All devices sold separately.  To learn more about the benefits of using Box with Canon imageFORMULA scanners, please visit www.usa.canon.com/quickscan

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Use Cases and White Papers

Box addresses many of the most pressing business requirements of customers who need to share files, collaborate, and improve their productivity, while minimizing cost.

Business Need How Box Fits
Collaborative Shared Workspace Tasks and comments to consolidate all streams of communication in one location
Preview files without native software installed, which helps reduce the cost of license for employee who only need to review assets
Ubiquitous Access Native applications on all major mobile platforms to help stay productive and connected to content and colleagues, no matter what device you are using
Robust Security Controls Granular user permissions to control the level of access each user has on the files and folders they are working on
Audit trails and usage reports to understand behavior and actions easily, and help prevent assets from getting into the wrong hands.
Security features including access controls on content to help secure content and sensitive information
Centralized Workspace Unlimited storage space and 5 Gb uploads allows all content to be stored in one place.
SaaS model removes the cost associated with file servers, backups, security software, and maintenance, delivering more value at a lower cost than on-premise solutions.
Simplified Organization Optional meta-data tags, advanced search and filtering allows users to quickly and easily find any files.

Box Use Cases

Box provides seven different workflow use cases that will apply to a variety of different departments and user communities in organizations of all types.

  • Basic Sync & Share: content storage and sharing (replacing a personal/ corporate drive and FTP servers), accessible on any device
  • External Collaboration: store and manage the transfer of content with external parties
  • Inter and Intra-departmental Collaboration: share documents between different internal teams
  • Mobile Productivity: access corporate content from a mobile device
  • Platform: powers content services in custom apps for employees, customers, partners, or suppliers
  • Process Management: transfer information between parties to achieve a desired business objective as part of critical business processes
  • Team Collaboration & Project Management: store, share, and collaborate on documents and critical projects with team members

White Papers

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