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NetGuardianSMB is your first line of defense in the cyber security arena.

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NetGuardianSMB Brochure

NetGuardianSMB Brochure


  • ONE platform, ONE operating system, ONE interface for all your networking and communications needs that helps to reduce server and hardware clutter, noise, heat, and energy consumption.

  • A scalable network infrastructure software that provides the ability to run voice and networking services from a single appliance.

  • Affordable and effective security and network communications at up to 70 percent off the cost of competitive offerings.

  • Includes bridging firewall, VPN, antivirus, internal SQL database, email gateway, captive portal, web proxy/filtering, QoS/bandwidth management, multi-homed redundancy, wireless AP support, up to 5G connectivity.

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NetGuardianSMB is designed with small businesses in mind. It offers all the following benefits, and so much more.
  • Save time and money with an easy to install, maintain, and update DELL appliance platform with a five-year on-site warranty included.
  • Seamless support from a trained service support team.
  • Free updates with current maintenance — be confident the technology is always current.
  • Want NetGuardianSMB to manage your solution? Ask about Premium Support Plans from Canon Solutions America!
NetGuardianSMB is really four solutions available in one turnkey platform with three software modules.  
  • NetGuardian: reliable integrated data services with state-of-the-art protection with both Firewall and Web Content Filtering services.
  • ISPGuardian: support for ISP Failover. Your choice of a second hardline or wireless failover, depending on service availability in your area.
  • CommunicationsGuardian: built-in integrated voice systems with support for VoIP.

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Q: I am only interested in a telephony system, not a network security solution. How can I purchase only CommunicationsGuardian?
A: CommunicationsGuardian is sold exclusively as an add-on option, because this part of the solution is a Voice over IP solution and requires a secure network. Whether you already have networking and security services in place, purchase the bundle to implement and deploy the CommunicationsGuardian solution.
Q: What is the underlying technology of NetGuardianSMB?
A: NetGuardianSMB is an exclusive Canon Solutions America solution that resides on a state-of-the-art Dell embedded PC. The software is written using Open Source Code on a Linux operating system, implementing software that has been distributed and used by more than five million users worldwide.
Q: How many users of this solution are there?
A: Before it was launched by Canon Solutions America, the NetGuardianSMB solution was deployed using other private labels at more than 5,000 accounts across five continents and by more than five million users.
Q: Who is providing and supporting this technology?
A: Canon Solutions America is partnered with NetGuardianSMB LLC, who has been in the network, network security, and telephony space for the past 15 years.
Q: I want to keep my existing firewall. How will the deployment and post-sales support teams be able to access my NetGuardianSMB Solution?
A: Open the URL (white-list) for your new NetGuardianSMB Solution in your existing firewall so that remote users can access the web browser-based NetGuardianSMB Operating System.
Q: I thought SIEM was covered by monitoring solutions like Event Sentry. If I purchase NetGuardianSMB, do I still need Event Sentry?
A: The answer is they work well together. In the field of computer security, security information and event management (SIEM) software products and services combine security information management and security event management. They provide real-time monitoring and analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware.

NetGuardianSMB provides a robust and scalable network security platform for the SMB customer that includes the foundation of SIEM for the customer: the ability to track and log security related events and manage threats to the system. They include NetGuardianSMB System Logs, Firewall Logs, DHCP Logs, Email Logs, RADIUS Logs, Proxy Logs, and IPPBX Logs for activated services. Administrators are able to monitor the logs to analyze the status of their services.

Since NetGuardianSMB is designed to provide complete network security for a customer’s environment, by definition, NetGuardianSMB becomes the very foundation of a customer’s security posture and defense-in-depth using the Five Pillar security strategy. For most customers, NetGuardianSMB’s logging and diagnostic system capabilities provide capable SIEM services to help SMB customers meet or exceed their SIEM requirements.

Event Sentry is a powerful SIEM monitoring solution that provides actionable network data that helps drive intelligent IT decisions. Event Sentry can ingest, correlate, and monitor multiple logs from multiple systems, including NetGuardianSMB event logs. Event Sentry allows network IT staff to visualize and aggregate data from all of their network devices with insightful dashboards and a powerful job and reporting feature. Reporting supports granular authentication and sophisticated log searching.

For customers who have IT staff on-site, Event Sentry is a great add-on subscription to a NetGuardianSMB sale. This will enable real-time visualization and reporting of NetGuardianSMB’s logs and end users’ activities on a single pane of glass, allowing them to react quickly and effectively to anomalies and suspicious events. Event Sentry is even more valuable when customers want to monitor more than just their NetGuardianSMB solution. For example, with imageRUNNER ADVANCE SIEM Integration, Event Sentry allows customers to monitor their network and MFP security posture from one application.

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