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Smart Document Assistant for Legal

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Natural Language Processing Technology - enables SDA to profile unstructured documents


  • Facilitates the processing of the lengthy, all-text documents that can dominate law office files
  • Identifies and utilizes all of a document’s informational words and phrases:
    • To classify specific document types even if the differences are subtle, without having to rely on spotting a specific keyword
    • To find the normalized client name used by the firm to file their documents
    • To enable discovery of the correct internal legal matter tracking number


Machine Learning Technology-enables constant accuracy improvement


  • The software learns:
    • To recognize and classify specific document types
    • To associate specific combinations of document data with specific matters
    • To suggest specific people to send email notices of anew document’s arrival
  • The software improves upon what it has learned whenever a user accepts or corrects its recommendations
    • To improve its accuracy
    • To learn how to classify new, previously unseen document types, and build upon its pre-trained knowledge on a variety of legal litigation/court documents
    • To learn how to associate documents to a new matter number
    • To learn who each user sends new document notifications to -by mater number


Predictive Analytics Technology-to enable best-estimate suggestions


  • The software calculates a confidence percentage on the accuracy of its suggestions
    • To allow reasonable predictions when there is uncertainty instead of being limited to infrequent “perfect matches” with existing documents
    • To provide color-coded predictions to call attention to uncertain suggestions
    • To maximize machine learning feedback opportunities to improve accuracy


Workflow Automation Technology- to ensure optimal user productivity


  • File names that comply with the firm’s naming conventions can be automatically assembled and suggested using a configurable rule
  • Documents are submitted to the appropriate folder in the firm’s DMS after profiling from within SDA’s user interface
  • Email notifications with links to the document’s DMS location are automatically sent to the suggested list of people,and optionally, to the docketing team


Confidentiality Controls–to help keep sensitive information from being revealed


  • Software is deployed on premise behind a corporate firewall or in a private cloud
  • Authenticated user login and access permissions are synchronized with Active Directory or with the document management system’s access controls

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