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Touchstone Dimensional Printing Software

Large Format Printer Software

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Here’s what Touchstone software workflow can provide

  • Texture effects up to 1mm in height utilizing color and/or varnish UV curable inks
  • No charge Extensions for Adobe CC provides designers a familiar environment to design within
  • Designers can preview dimensional effects using the 3D viewer extension
  • Quickly identify peaks, cliffs and low spots in the design
  • Export your print ready file as one pdf containing both the graphic image and height map
  • Simple to use. Print providers can simply RIP with ONYX Thrive and print on the Arizona much like they do today
  • No file manipulation. The ALPS Engine automatically interprets the pdf and generates a multi-layer batch file with the correct printing sequence
  • No fuzzy images in the low spots. Colors are printed at the optimum elevation for each layer
  • Automatic Z-axis adjustment for consistent image quality top to bottom without operator intervention
  • Unattended printing provides additional revenue generating opportunities after regular business hours
  • Differentiate your business! Touchstone provides a new, high margin application that is completely unique to the Arizona 1200, 1300, 2200 and 2300 Series printers

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SGIA 2018 - Randy Paar


Introducing Touchstone Dimensional Printing Software


TouchStone Elevated Printing Technology

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