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Aleyant PrintJobManager

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Aleyant Brochure

Aleyant Brochure

Benefits & Features

The cloud-based PrintJobManager is a powerful pricing, estimating and production management system that’s fast to setup and easy to use. It includes unlimited seats, so all your sales, customer service reps, warehouse staff, and pro estimators can use it without extra fees. No transaction fees. No % of sales. As a SaaS (hosted) solution it can also be integrated into an Aleyant Pressero or 3rd party e-commerce storefront!

Get up and running quickly with a system that’s easy for your staff to use in the office, on the production floor, on a sales call, or anywhere.

Why Choose PrintJobManager? It uses in-depth pricing templates to estimate and price jobs. This process allows for consistent and quick printing on the manufacturing process and frequent material/paper increases. PrintJobManager also provides the ability to schedule jobs within each department for job tracking.


Feature Included
Number of Seats Unlimited
Number of Estimates, Orders, Workflows Unlimited
Initial Expert Training 5
Job Status Overview Yes
Automated estimate email messages to your buyer Yes
Automated estimate to order conversion Yes
Price Consistency for all Users Yes
Admin Permission Levels (Sales, Production, Management) Yes
Materials Inventory Management Yes
Custom Reports Yes
Status & Time Tracking Yes
Order retrieval from Pressero stores Yes
Storage Space (total) ( Amazon s3 account required) 5 GB Free, unlimited Avail
Zapier.com App Hub Support (Zapier account required) Yes
Support Resources Yes
1-on-1 Training 5 Hours
Responsive Design Yes
Integrated Pressero Pricing Yes
Product Library Yes
Equipment Library Yes
Workflow Library Yes
Paper and Material Prices Yes

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Product Videos

Aleyant PrintJobManager Overview

Your customers want their quotes quickly. Help elevate your print shop efficiency with Aleyant PrintJobManager, a cloud-based MIS solution offering easy setup and instant quotes on any device. Watch this video to explore how this platform utilizes in-depth pricing templates to support consistent and quick pricing, integrates seamlessly with Pressero web-to-print software, and helps automate your print workflow with thousands of business app integrations.


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