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Ironsides APT Software

Production Print Software

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Protect Your Operational Investment

Based on an open and scalable architecture, Ironsides APT integrates your older proprietary (print, finishing, inserting) tracking methodologies and information management systems into a truly accessible, enterprise-wide job tracking and workflow strategy, providing a centralized command and control center for all documents distributed within your operation.

Gain real-time visibility into the production floor at every device

Ironsides APT collects data in real-time to provide robust reporting that allows you to determine key insights regarding each device on the production floor. Our end-toend document tracking and visibility through the production process provides piece level accountability assisting in achieving 100% distribution compliance.

Manage your data acquisition, consolidation, and reporting

Utilize one, single-view "command and control center" to manage your entire operation, from print to distribution. Ironsides APT is directly integrated with Océ PRISMAproduction software to gather real-time job level information from PRISMA controlled printers via an established API connection. This provides closed loop document tracking from reception of the print file through print production, and extending into the bindery and insertion environment. Referencing a control file for a production run, Ironsides APT will reconcile, confirm, and report the status of the individual pieces within the job as well as automate the reprint process for pieces damaged in the manufacturing process. This creates a "touchless" operation and helps significantly reduce risk and errors due to manual processing. Ironsides APT integrates with post-print manufacturing devices and control platforms, and consolidates multiple standalone systems into one comprehensive “command and control center.” This helps eliminate standalone points of failure and error-prone manual reporting. Consistency and clarity in operational and audit reporting is paramount to illustrating that the work has been processed appropriately.

Ironsides APT is a tool to make your company more competitive in the marketplace by tracking and reporting to achieve 100% accuracy and creating new cross-sell opportunities into growing markets such as healthcare, financial, and government.

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Ironsides APT Software

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