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OL Connect

Production Print Software

Upland OL Connect Overview Brochure

Upland OL Connect Overview Brochure

Upland OL Connect Brochure

Upland OL Connect Brochure

Transition from paper to digital
Digitize document processes for invoices, purchase orders, and delivery notes to help provide personalized, multichannel, and interactive communications.

  • Modernize, digitize, and transition outbound communications from legacy systems.
  • Enable print or digital document distribution in various output formats.

Automate and optimize business processes
Objectif Lune helps to vastly improve communications processes through OL Connect’s robust composition and automation capabilities.

  • Transform existing paper-based processes into automated document workflows.
  • Generate personalized, consistent, and timely multichannel communications with ease.

Deliver speed, automation, and accuracy to business processes

  • OL Connect helps to enhance your customer experience by reducing costs, time, and errors.
  • Organizations will be able to create, manage, distribute, and automate transactional documents—and deliver multichannel, personalized, and interactive customer communications.

Help solve the integration challenge
OL Connect acts as a middleware technology to extend the functionality of existing systems, without the need for additional infrastructure investments.

  • Interacts with existing structures such as ERP/LOB or mainframe.
  • Connect to ECM, DMS, email, digital signature, and print production systems.

Leverage powerful automation and optimization features

  • Document composition: Design or re-purpose any of your documents.
  • Process automation: Automate processes and bridge systems.
  • Multichannel output: Optimize print and expand to digital.
  • Remote printing: Submit and consolidate remote print documents efficiently.
  • Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with third-party systems and applications.

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Offered in on-premise subscriptions or perpetual licenses, OLConnect comes in two versions, with minimal options.

Main Software

  • OL Connect Enterprise
  • OL Connect Professional


  • OL Connect - AFP Input
  • OL Connect - PCL Input
  • OL Connect - Send 1000 Users
  • OL Connect - Development License

Professional Services

  • OL Professional Services T&M Daily
  • OL Professional Services Training Daily

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Product Videos

Upland OL Connect Introduction

The digital era has dramatically altered the way print service providers (PSPs) handle heavy workloads, prompting organizations to seek a more efficient approach for managing tasks, eliminating bottlenecks, and moving away from manual methods. This is where OL Connect technology can make a difference, offering PSPs the means to automate business processes and drive digital transformation forward without modifying existing systems or investing in additional infrastructure. Watch this video to learn how you can optimize your print and mail operations, enhance business communications, and advance digital capabilities to support increased efficiency and productivity, outstanding print services, improved customer satisfaction, and so much more.

Upland OL Connect Overview

This short explainer video illustrates how Upland OL Connect Software is a solution that fits your business, rather than making your business fit their software. See how easy it is to automate business communications with OL Connect today.


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