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ORISLynx Brochure

ORISLynx Brochure

ORISLynx Quick Start Guide

ORISLynx Quick Start Guide


ORIS Lynx is delivered as a state of the art, cloud based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) color management solution. Customers can profile and color manage their digital presses with one software for an unlimited number of media profiles. Customers get more with ORIS Lynx and pay less overall than with comparable solutions.

  • ORIS Lynx is the only product on the market that offers professional grade color calibration profiles that meet industry specifications in an easy to use cloud based offering.
  • ORIS Lynx helps save time and money. By verifying color output before you print, the costs of having to do re-work and correct mistakes are significantly reduced.
  • ORIS Lynx gives outstanding gray balance to customers, eliminating the need to edit profiles or pull curves to achieve neutral gray. If your customer’s output has been warm in the past, it will be cool and neutral once you use ORIS Lynx.
  • ORIS Lynx uses ORIS proprietary color algorithms to manage color output on digital presses, and gives the customer easy to use recovery procedures for correcting output when required.
  • ORIS Lynx offers each customer a variety of industry print standards to create color managed workflows with verifiable color output. In addition ORIS Lynx allows customers to upload unique house targets and achieve verifiable color managed workflows that meet unique non-standard color requirements. Customers can use any or all of the standards that best suit their workflow.

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ORIS Lynx is available for every imagePRESS digital press with an eligible external RIP. It provides consistent and accurate G7 gray balanced output, with minimal operator intervention. Customers may also purchase ORIS Lynx ala carte to manage non-imagePRESS color devices as well.

  • ORIS Lynx’ verification tool tells customers WHEN to calibrate their digital press using a quick and easy to use procedure. Save time and money by eliminating needless and unnecessary calibrations of your digital press.
  • ORIS Lynx brings verification to customers, allowing them to monitor and maintain the quality of their color output, recover on their own, and know when a service call is required.
  • ORIS Lynx creates profiles using industry standards that may be applied across a wide range of media.
  • ORIS Lynx is designed to create visually similar output across a wide range of media.

ORIS Lynx works with and is highly recommended for any of the following imagePRESS digital presses with an external PRISMAsync or Fiery controller.

  • imagePRESS C10000/C8000/C850/C750/C650/C800/C700/C65/C60
  • imagePRESS C7000/C6000 series, imagePRESS C1

When used with an imagePRESS, ORIS Lynx helps improve device uptime, consistency and repeatability of output to a designated standard. Because of variations of local conditions (including but not limited to environmental fluctuations (temperature and humidity), consistency of media, and the performance of maintenance), Canon Solutions America and CGS makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, that your implementation of ORIS Lynx will achieve these results.

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