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PRISMAdirect - Workflow Management Solution

Production Print Software

PRISMAdirect - Workflow Management Solution

PRISMAdirect Brochure

PRISMAdirect uniFLOW Integration Brochure

PRISMAdirect uniFLOW Integration Brochure


With PRISMAdirect’s modular licensing model, you can choose the features that meet your workflow requirements, from order in-take through production and fulfillment, and beyond.

Increase business

  • Acquire orders from a variety of sources 24/7
  • Create unlimited and highly customizable storefronts
  • Acquire and manage order containing print and/or non-print items

Streamline workflow

  • Streamline your complete workflow from order intake to fulfillment
  • Automated workflow from order acceptance, document preparation through production
  • Automatic document preparation with standard imposition template or integrate with Canon PRISMAprepare for customized imposition template
  • Assign tasks to right operators and provide them with personalized view
  • Cluster printing to intelligently balance the production load and increase productivity
  • Drives Canon and third party production printers
  • Integration into existing workflow enabled via JDF/JMF interface and tight connection with third party applications
  • Streamline your workflow from office to production via tight integration with uniFLOW

Control business operations

  • Smart accounting and reporting systems help you gain insight into your operations
  • Web-based and mobile optimized user interface for easy deployment and taking quick actions, anywhere, anytime
  • Manage entire workflow in one view from order intake to shipping

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Grow business by acquiring new customers and more orders



Seamlessly integrates with all Canon and PRISMA products, open to third party products



Boost productivity by getting more out of your streamlined workflow – from order intake to production and shipping.



Gain insight into business performance with the strong accounting and reporting system

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Webinars & Videos


PRISMAdirect - Overview

Discover the benefits of PRISMAdirect for commercial print and in house print service providers. Improve productivity, increase profitability and attract and retain more customers with Canon PRISMAdirect.

Press for Success with PRISMAdirect

Canon Solutions America can help streamline your production job submission workflows with PRISMAdirect.

PRISMAdirect Integration WebinarPRISMAdirect Pressero Integration Webinar

This webinar reviews Canon Solutions America’s exclusive integration of PRISMAdirecct with the Aleyant Pressero ecommerce platform. Join Fred Lampe from Canon Solutions America for an overview and demonstration of the Pressero PRISMAdirect Integration. Learn why and how your production operation can benefit from the ease of use and automation capabilities of this unique solution integration.

PRISMAdirect - Order Management

In this video, we will show you how you can use PRISMAdirect, Canon’s workflow management solution, to manage orders and get them quickly into production and finalized in just a few clicks. Managing orders is not only about production flow and order fulfillment, but also about communication with the end customers. This is one of the many strengths of PRISMAdirect. Let’s take a more detailed look at PRISMAdirect.

PRISMAdirect - Introduction

PRISMAdirect, Canon’s workflow management solution, let’s you streamline your workflow, and get the most out of your day. Let’s see how PRIMSAdirect helps print providers be more productive and profitable, everyday.

PRISMAdirect - Using Automation Templates

In this video, we will show you how you can use PRISMAdirect, Canon’s workflow management solution, to automate the production of print jobs, from preparation all the way to final production. A unique strength of PRISMAdirect is the ability to automate workflow without losing flexibility and control. Let’s see how the automation work.

PRISMAdirect - Business Cards

In this video, we will show you how you can easily order business cards with the PRISMAdirect webshop. PRISMAdirect’s variable data capabilities let’s your customers create and personalize business cards directly in the webshop. The order can be tracked in the webshop, and the cards reordered any time in the future. Let’s take a closer look at Canon’s workflow management solution, PRISMAdirect.

PRISMAdirect Education Explainer

Help control costs and streamline your print workflow with PRISMAdirect & uniFLOW from Canon Solutions America

PRISMAdirect - Order Submission

In this video, we will show you how you can easily submit orders to your printshop using Canon’s workflow management solution, PRISMAdirect. Let’s take a closer look at the webshop.

PRISMAdirect uniFLOW Integration

Connect the Office to the Print Center Many organizations have both a Print Center and an Office environment. The Office needs to print locally and be able to send jobs to the Print Center just as easily. uniFLOW allows the Office to print to either a nearby MFP or printer, or send jobs directly to the Print Center by connecting to PRISMAdirect.

PRISMAdirect Explainer

See the latest PRISMAdirect video explainer about how PRISMAdirect with uniFLOW can help organizations optimize their print workflow.


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