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PRISMAproduction - Prepress Module

Production Print Software


Input documents are analyzed and if necessary corrected before entering production. The general target of preflight is to adjust the documents to the selected print system so they can be printed without performance problems. The Preflight and Make Ready functions are integrated into the PRISMAproduction workflow which allows for automation and higher throughput.

AFP and PDF Preflight & Make-Ready

Preflight & Make Ready ensures applications are really printable and allow color make-ready for Océ Custom Tone and full color applications.

  • Obtain list of resources (fonts, object containers, etc.) contained in or used by the print file
  • Check for missing resources and basic syntax and semantic errors that will prevent the job from printing correctly
  • Report on number of documents, mail pieces, sheets and pages in the job
  • Report on duplexing, bins, AIMS, finishing commands, medium maps, barcodes
  • For each image: size, resolution, format, embedded ICC profile
  • All colors and color spaces used by non-image objects and bi-level image objects


  • Check on the file “before” it enters production for operational savings in time and consumables
  • Enables higher utilization of the printing equipment
  • Report creation to improve customer communications on necessary file resources
  • Simplified pre-press processes ensure that tough deadlines and SLAs are met

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Print File Enhancer (PFE)

The Print File Enhancer enables print service providers to enhance files by adding tags for indexing, to inserting barcodes, texts and images or by adding blank sheets. The Print File Enhancer full version provides the ability to extract information from the file.


  • Ability to apply modifications to files without having to go back to clients for added flexibility
  • Indexing and sorting functionalities without the need for additional 3rd party applications saves investments and labor costs
  • Supports legacy applications and enable the advantage of 2D-Barcodes, N-UP or color logos, without changing the original application
  • Intuitive GUI enables performance of these tasks without having to write script
  • Barcode enrichments allow for document tracking and reporting for SLA, compliances and audits
  • Ability to add bookmarks or separate individual mail pieces within a PDF to protect private information from being accidently shared
  • Enable quick reprints using tagged fields

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Preprinted Forms Replacement

The Preprinted Forms Replacement enables customers to eliminate preprinted forms and move toward using plain white paper for all applications without having to change the application. The Preprinted Forms Replacement will generate the necessary electronic form which will then be combined with the variable content of the sheet to be printed.

For the typical preprinted roll use case, which means a static electronic form is used for front and back side, the option allows the selection of up to 5 different electronic forms for front and back side of the paper, thus enabling the replacement of complex preprints.

For the typical preprinted cutsheet paper use case, within the job ticket of PRISMAproduction, the link is set between the electronic form and the respective input tray, media name or media attribute of a cutsheet printer. A maximum of up to 16 different input trays or form calls can be defined in one job ticket, which is similar to a cut sheet printer with 16 input trays. With this setting PRISMAproduction ensures that the right form is printed on the right page.


  • Replace several cut sheet printers with just one high performance full color continuous feed printer without any changes on the existing applications
  • Cost-savings on paper (preprinted paper more expensive than a plain white paper)
  • Savings in warehouse, inventory, and obsolescence of preprinted forms
  • Reduce labor costs for loading paper on the production floor
  • Eliminate mistakes in choosing the right form or loading forms improperly
  • Ability to make form changes without costly IT resources and extensive lead times

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The Professional Document Composer (PDC) allows for imposing of print jobs, including functions like cropping, shifting and positioning of individual logical pages plus positioning of additional marks and barcodes for dynamic finishing. The PDC is fully integrated in PRISMAproduction and is controlled by the job ticket for maximized automation. It is delivered with a high number of predefined imposing schemes for almost all types of finishing function but it is also possible to define customized schemes and use them in the same way as the predefined ones.


  • Easy to use database storing the PDC sets by name as a reference in the job ticket
  • Enables quick change across multiple tickets by using the same PDC Set in each one
  • Separates the output pages from the sheets verses composed sheets that can lead to performance issues on the printer
  • Fully automates the impositioning process, including the use of n-expressions

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