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Utilizing the wide range of functionality that PRISMAspool offers is easy. During installation, the software simply replaces the standard Windows print queue. Instead of your print jobs going to a “hidden” Windows spooler, you’ll have a professional queue with smart accounting and scheduling, logging, preview and so on. All this is available with no changes to the Windows user applications.

Easy to use and built for professionals

PRISMAspool has been designed to both accommodate very high print volumes and simplify the operator’s work. The well-structured Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables the user to easily send jobs to printers, while the large choice of input options permits printing from virtually any Windows application. PRISMAspool can also receive data from host systems.

Time pressure and last-minute changes are challenges that all professional printing organizations have to cope with. The clear GUI of PRISMAspool helps you to monitor print jobs and output devices, with the user being able to easily change job classes, the order of jobs to be printed or the target printer.

Increasing print volumes and business pressure require cost transparency. The powerful PRISMAspool accounting module gives you control of your printing costs – you know which jobs are printed on what printers and at what volumes. This makes cost tracking and invoicing easy.

Reprint queue

The PRISMAspool reprint queuing capabilities offer a host spooling type of job security. Jobs to be printed are temporarily saved in a separate “reprint queue” until the software confirms that the print job has been successfully completed.

Input filter

For printing data coming from nonWindows environments, such as UNIX or ERP systems, PRISMAspool provides an input filter. The input filter will automatically start if the job comes without a job ticket. It can read data from the print file, such as a header page that can be used as parameters, allowing automatic processing of jobs.

Form properties

By using form properties, PRISMAspool enables you to determine which actions it should perform while processing jobs, for example:

  • Add a header page containing data from the job ticket
  • Add a trailer page
  • Automatically load a form
  • Add PCL resources
  • Delete jobs after completion or save jobs for a defined time frame

PCL barcode support

PRISMAspool removes any hardware dependency when it comes to printing barcodes. The PRISMAspool barcode component automatically scans PCL jobs during the spooling process, and converts PCL escape sequences to standard PCL bit strings. These can then be printed on any PCL printer, including the complete range of Canon high-speed printers.

Remote administration

Organizations can enable authorized administrators to remotely control specifically how PRISMAspool works. This is available with full control capabilities, accessed via a simple and secure DCOM interface.

Web service

This option lets users access PRISMAspool via a standard browser in the Internet or intranet, easily check the spool status, and send jobs.

Windows job ticket enhancement

The user can add additional information to the job ticket as they create the job from the Windows application. PRISMAspool uses this information for features such as spool data display, accounting information, etc. The job ticket enhancement can be customized with pre-defined default values.

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  • Spooling of PCL, PS, PDF and text print jobs
  • Printer control using form name and job class (Giving the operator better control over the mounted forms and the priority of the output)
  • Page range printing for PCL and PS
  • Error recovery thanks to PJL support
  • SNMP support
  • Accounting
  • Input filters for job automation
  • PCL barcode support (bitmap translation)
  • Integrated PCL viewer for preview
  • Unicode conversion
  • LPR support for legacy support and heterogeneous networks
  • Enhanced hot directory support
  • Integrated Windows PCL driver for PRISMA
  • Reprint queue
  • Remote administration
  • Enhanced Windows Job Ticket (Accounting and spool extensions to the Windows Job Ticket)
  • LDAP integration

Printer support

  • Supports a wide range of PCL and PostScript printers
  • Can define up to 64 printers
  • Can operate several printers simultaneously

Server software requirements

A Server variant is recommended for all customers who want to make use of the full connectivity capabilities.

PRISMAspool can be run on following operating systems

  • Windows Vista SP2 (32-bit and 64- bit*)
  • Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32-bit) and R2 SP2 (64-bit*)
  • Windows 7 SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit*)
  • Windows 8.1 Pro or higher (32-bit and 64-bit*)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit*)
  • Windows 10 Pro or higher (32-bit and 64-bit*)

A pre-installed Windows SNMP Agent is required if the web job submission option is used.

Optionally, PRISMAspool can run on VMware

Minimum server hardware requirements

  • Any standard PC suitable for Windows

For optimal performance of PRISMAspool, in particular when driving very high productivity printers such as the VarioStream, the following configuration is recommended:

  • Pentium IV 2 GHz processor or higher
  • 1 GB main memory; 2GB recommended and more in case of large printing files
  • At least 30 GB free hard disk capacity
  • Gigabit network card

* PRISMAspool will run in 32-bit compatibility mode (WOW64).

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