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Cybersecurity has never been more critical.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. But with the right training and a clear chain of command from the top of your organization, every employee in your organization can be your first line of defense. That’s what Big Security is all about.


Canon Solutions America teams with Rapid7 to offer world class cybersecurity solutions.


Security is Everyone's Responsibility

How do you get everyone on board? It’s a complex task that requires executive leadership, a committee of stakeholders from different lines of business, and a thorough risk assessment. Our experts can help you pull it all together.


How Can You Stay Ahead of Threats?


Today’s threat landscape gets broader and more fluid every day. That makes security an ongoing process. You need to measure and reevaluate your policies on a regular basis to ensure they can adapt.

Rapid7’s Managed Detection and Response and Managed Threat Complete are security services that prioritize the handling of detection and response capabilities on behalf of your organization to help stay ahead of threats.

How Can You Prevent Human Error?

Seventy-four percent of all breaches include the human element.1 Just one employee who clicks on a spear phishing email or uses a USB drive infected with malware can lead to catastrophic loss for your organization. That’s why training and awareness for your employees and executives is critical.

1Verizon, 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report


Email Protection

Look to Our Experts for Advice and Solutions

While there is no such thing as "100 percent secure," there are best practices you can put into action and experts who can help guide you along the way. Click the button below to find out how Canon Solutions America can help to unravel the complexity of getting started in establishing a cyber-safe workplace.

Protecting the Gateway is not Enough

Cyber criminals use automation, AI, and other productivity tools to go after unaware users to trick them into revealing passwords or installing malware. Security awareness simulation training programs can transform your employees from your weakest link to your best defense. A concierge service can relieve the burden of campaign execution, measuring and reporting; freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Artificial intelligence driven email protection solutions can protect your inbox, look for patterns and mitigate threats before they happen, and also provide cloud backup.

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The Evolution of Ransomware – Are We Still at Risk?


Five Pillars of Security Brochure

Five Pillars of Security Brochure

Security is not a destination, it is a journey—through a multi-dimensional threat environment that can compromise your information from many different sources. On any given day, information flows throughout your organization through the hands of employees who have varying degrees of risk awareness, while threats from the outside remain pervasive.

Cybersecurity Infographic

Cybersecurity Infographic

Cybersecurity is a pressing issue for companies of all sizes and industries - and the threats are only increasing. The ready availability of automated hacking tools, made more potent by AI, means attacks by unscrupulous actors are more dangerous than ever before.

Security and Awareness Training Infographic cover

Security and Awareness Training Infographic

Stay ahead of social engineering attacks with expert awareness training and testing, one of our Big Security solutions to help keep your data safe.

Foundational Elements of Security cover

Foundational Elements of Security

Cybersecurity continues to be a major issue facing corporations and government agencies, and Keypoint Intelligence studies consistently have shown that cybersecurity is viewed as the top priority for IT managers and decision makers surveyed.

The Five Pillars of Security cover

The Five Pillars of Security

Securing the Workplace Requires a Holistic and Layered Approach
Developing an effective security posture for the modern workplace involves a combination of people, processes, and technology. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security insists that security is everyone’s responsibility. In reality, there is no such thing as 100 percent secure.

Digital Guardian Vertical Markets Brochure cover


Digital Guardian Vertical Markets Brochure
Financial services firms are more likely to be targeted in a cyber attack than other organizations. Changes in business models and shifts in how companies and their customers interact through technology create the ongoing risk of information leaks. It’s a universal challenge: the more collaborative your company becomes, the harder it is to control valuable information.

Five Ways Vera Makes Office 365 More Secure Brochure cover

Five Ways Vera Makes Office 365 More Secure

Secure Collaboration provides Microsoft Office 365 customers with strong encryption, monitoring, and controls that are as easy to use as clicking Save or attaching a file to an email in Outlook.

Brochure cover

Symphion Print Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service

Weaknesses In Your Print Fleet Expose Your Entire Enterprise—What To Do?
Printers on corporate networks are often not configured or maintained with cybersecurity hygiene. Each unprotected printer not only exposes your data, but also your customers’ data and your entire business to unnecessary risk.

MDRaaS brochure cover


Monitor. Detect. Respond: Three key actions to help avoid a data breach.
Your organization has just been hit by a data breach. How did the hackers get in? What’s the damage? How fast can your security team respond? And what could you have done to prevent the intrusion? Before you’re faced with questions like these, learn how Managed Detection and Response can help protect your digital assets.

PFCaaS brochure cover


Securing Multi-Brand Printer Fleets Can Be Easy Infographic
Printer fleets can number in the hundreds or thousands, with different makes and models. How can you ensure their firmware is up to date, their device configurations haven't been modified, and their default passwords haven't been changed?

Managed Detection and Response Brochure cover


Managed Detection and Response Brochure
Are you concerned about cybersecurity due to limited resources and vulnerability to cyberattacks? Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face substantial risks, including data breaches, financial loss, and reputation damage.

Managed Detection and Response Service Brief cover


Managed Detection and Response Service Brief
Around-the-clock expert monitoring to help defend against threats and stop attackers in their tracks.

Managed Threat Complete Brochure cover


Managed Threat Complete Brochure
The environment you have to defend defies your control and attackers with far more time and support than you have are relentless. You and your team–too lean, juggling too many tools–are on the front line of conflict you’ve never really been set up to win.

Cybersecurity 4 Overlooked Areas cover

Cybersecurity: 4 Overlooked Areas (And How to Secure Them)

Most organizations are up to speed when it comes to cyber-threats to their network and computing devices. They have tools in place - firewalls, anti-malware software, and so on to thwart attackers.


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Many variables can impact the security of a customer’s device and data. Canon does not warrant that the use of services, equipment, or related features detailed herein will eliminate the risk of potential malicious attacks, or misuse of devices or data or other security issues.