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Solutions For University Mail Center Challenges

University mail centers, no matter the size of their student and staff populations, have entered a new era of mail. Today’s students and staff are modern shoppers, and like the rest of us, are buying more online—a lot more. For example, back in 2008 one mid-sized university processed 80,000 packages; in 2016, they received over 195,000!1 But don’t rush to do the math on your own mail center yet —the number of packages per student is expected to increase.


A Guide to Print Embellishment and Specialty Applications

Printing is and always will be a form of manufacturing, but the days when printers could think of themselves strictly as manufacturers are long gone. Today, print shops increasingly find themselves cast in the role of creative advisors to customers whose quest for competitive differentiation and heightened brand awareness is never-ending.

Becoming your Marketing Dept Partner

There’s one compelling question that many in-plants consistently struggle to answer: How can my department thrive–and even grow–in the face of a changing media landscape and the threat of outsourcing?

Enhancing the In-Plant Product and Service Offering

In-house printing operations report making moves to better serve parent organizations, address competitive challenges, pursue new opportunities, and expand services.

Is Your Print Shop Automated Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

Have you recently found yourself in the unenviable position of losing business to a competitor who offers an advantage in some aspect of his or her print production operation? If you said, “yes,” the bad news is that you’re not alone. The good news is that there is something you can do about it.

Pinpointing and Pursuing High-Growth Print Applications

Increasing print sales is a balancing act of offering the right product mix, understanding what customers value, and meeting client requirements and expectations. This report offers insights on print demand trends, the value of print, and print customers’ expectations from the perspective of commercial printers and communication buyers and influencers

Positioning Your Commercial Printing Business for Success

In any business, stagnancy is the enemy of progress. In the printing industry, those best positioned for success are the commercial printers committed to continually evolving and innovating their operations.

This report offers insights into how commercial printers are adapting to a changing market, ways they’re enhancing customer value, and methods for strengthening customer relationships.

Roadmap to Success with Monochrome Printing

With the demise of many one-color printed pieces, many have concluded that monochrome printing no longer has any revenue potential for a printer. However, on the contrary, monochrome print is still an excellent method to communicate with end users. A savvy digital monochrome press owner can drive new profitable revenue streams with creative business innovation and good ideas. People are returning to print to get around the slow and cumbersome process of many online apps, plus the annoyance of finding a safe and secure online portal. Innovative graphic media organizations can leverage this situation with a profitable path forward. This white paper aims to explore and identify ideas for selling sheetfed monochrome projects.

The Evolution of Print Production Workflow Software: Today, Tomorrow, and the Future

The production workflow software today is focused on the production areas responsible for estimating, order entry, customer service, scheduling, prepress, and billing. The three workflow software categories include: web-to-print, Print MIS (Management Information System) and PDF workflow software. While these products have overcome bottlenecks and pain points in those areas, the lack of interoperability often results in islands of automation.

Whitepaper Downloads from Canon Solutions America

Whitepaper Downloads from Canon Solutions America