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Hybrid Workplace Solutions

Technology and solutions to build strong, collaborative connections


Functionality is the fuel for an efficient workday.

Collaborative technology and solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization and the departments within it, supply flexible cloud-based access and secure, automated workflows provide the sparkplug needed to get you there.

With safe and secure tools at the ready, your organization can stimulate growth in any setting. Whether it’s through the power to print and scan seamlessly in personal or shared spaces or the drive to deliver and access documents digitally in unified environments, Canon Solutions America is here to help. We’re committed to supporting you with our trusted portfolio of technology and solutions, along with a dedicated, nationwide service team with true local sales assistance to keep you productive. We can help move your business forward, regardless of size.

There’s no need to fear the workplace of the future if you’re prepared for it today.

Progress means being fundamentally equipped to tackle business from anywhere. Access our six key areas of the collaborative workspace below to learn how you can help set your staff up for a successful integrated experience.

“By 2026, more than 80% of desk workers will prefer to spend more than 50% of their working time outside of the office.”

Gartner, “2024 Market Guide for Workplace Experience Applications,” April 18, 2024

Collaborative Work icon

Collaborative Work

Stay connected, secure with powerful on-site or off-site print technology and solutions.

Desktop Printing
Document Imaging
Software Solutions
Security Awareness
Home Office Print-as-a-Service

Workplace Health icon

Workplace Health

Digital Transformation icon

Digital Transformation

Reimagine business processes and transform your enterprise by leveraging our solutions, services, and expertise to take the leap beyond paper into digitalization and process workflow automation.

Document Process Optimization
Business Process Optimization
Application Interoperability
Change Management
Department Use Cases

Digital Mailroom icon

Digital Mailroom

Conveniently distribute and receive physical information via digital means to your workforce.

SaaS Approach
Canon Managed Solution
Outsourced Remote Solutions
Change Management

Cloud for Business icon

Cloud for Business

Digital Transformation icon

Office Services

As you reshape operations, explore our single-source provider services to help outsource business-critical initiatives taking place inside workspaces.

Managed Print Services
Production Print Services
Mail, Shipping, and Receiving
Reception, Pantry, and Conference Room Management
Records Management and Scanning
Technical Support (On Site/Remote)
Facilities Services


“Others returning on-site are likely to adopt a hybrid approach, with the worldwide percentage increasing to 42% by 2026 from 12% in 2020. This shift from fully remote to hybrid will reflect a more human-centric implementation of hybrid workforce strategies and the implementation of automation and digitization programs, enabling more jobs to be done outside the office and by a more diverse group of employees.”

Gartner, “Forecast Analysis: Knowledge Employees, Hybrid, Fully Remote, and On-site Work Style, Worldwide,” January 6, 2023


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Hybrid Workplace Solutions

Hybrid Workplace Solutions