Colorado Roll-to-Roll UVgel Printers

Colorado Roll-to-Roll UVgel Printers

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Colorado UVgel Printers

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The Flexible Choice
Powered by Canon UVgel Technology

Colorado series of roll-to-roll printers have been fine-tuned to fit your business needs. Print Service Providers (PSPs) now have a clear choice that will deliver real production efficiency while lowering operating costs and increasing profits. Featuring FLXfinish+ matte/gloss finish, dual-roll drawer, and double-sided printing - the choice is yours!

The newest member of the family, the Colorado M-series, boasts a modular platform, suited for those who are looking for a scalable solution with options to upgrade later as your business needs change.

White ink Without Worry

Developed for the Colorado M-series, our UVgel ink set now reduces many of the hassles associated with white ink. The key is in the inks unique UVgel formula. The unique UVgel formula significantly reduces clogged heads common in evaporative technologies and keeps the pigments suspended in the ink longer. These properties mean there is no need to remove and store heads, nor shake ink bags before printing. Our highly productive UVgel white ink works as any other color and uses 50-70% less ink in the process. It has the flexibility that you expect for all your white applications and creates smooth layers –even up to five layers thick.

FLXfinish+: One Click, Two Finishes, One Print

FLXfinish+ is a revolutionary NEW technology for Canon Colorado printers that allows PSPs to command a premium price for their prints, while not incurring additional costs. Print gloss AND matte on the same print without a varnish or additional consumables.

Command Premium Prices On:

  • Wallcoverings
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Posters
  • Vehicle Graphics

The Colorado printer series can print matte AND gloss on one print in one pass because of the unique and award-winning UVgel 460 inks. With this ink, the only difference between the matte and the gloss finish is when the UVgel inks are cured. There is nothing like our NEW technology on the market! Start implementing FLXfinish+ and easily create beautiful striking output to make your business unique!

Image of a Colorado Roll-to-Roll UVgel Printer

For product information and pricing call:800-714-4427

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Available Models

Model Name Description
Colorado M-series
  • Highly productive 64” Roll-to-Roll printer
  • Flexible UVgel 460 inks
  • FLXfinish+ mixed matte and gloss finish
  • White ink without the worry
  • Modular – grows with your business.
Colorado 1650 The High-Production Choice:
  • High production, all-in solution
  • Flexible UVgel 460 inks
  • Higher Speed, lower running cost
  • Jumbo Roll & Wallpaper Factory Capabilities