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plotWAVE Large Format Black & White Printers

plotWAVE Large Format Black & White Printers

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plotWAVE Large Format Black & White Printers

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A proven performer, the plotWAVE large format black-and-white document printing, plotting, scanning and copying solutions optimize your technical document workflow.


plotWAVE large format printing systems are based on internally developed controller, print and scan technologies that deliver consistently impressive, comprehensive large format black and white document printing, plotting, scanning, copying and document management solutions that optimize your business printing processes and workflow.

For product information and pricing call:800-714-4427

POWERsync Controller Technology

The POWERsync Controller provides a powerful, fast, web-enabled controller platform across the plotWAVE 3000/3500/5000/5500/7500 series of large format printers, scanners, and multifunction systems. All the activities that are performed by the system go through the POWERsync Controller and enable you to manage, view, and control the system activities. It is the heart of the plotWAVE series and quickly processes even large files and is engineered to handle complex operations efficiently. From enriched document previews to processing complex PDF files. It runs on a Microsoft® Windows®10 iOT platform, offering the latest security features to protect confidential documents.


The POWERsync Controller allows concurrent scanning or copying during printing to allow you to work efficiently, and ensures basic controller tasks like file processing, scanning/copying and communication are handled without delaying print productivity.

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Radiant Fusing print technology is ideal for decentralized, on-demand, workgroup environments where users require reliability, energy efficiency, low heat and noise, and instant-on capabilities, along with high image quality.

Key customer benefits of Radiant Fusing print technology are:

  • Virtually no warm up time - Enables quick machine availability even from sleep mode
  • Sharper output - Prevents resolution loss, dot size degradation and line fuzziness since the toner melts exactly where it is placed on the media
  • Low power consumption - Reduces energy usage with ENERGY STAR® designation. The array used in fusing is heated instantly limiting the amount of power required in stand-by/ready and sleep modes.
  • Less noise and less heat - Minimizes distractions. With no pressure rollers, a lower temperature is maintained. Since the system heats and cools instantly, there is no need for noisy fans, and the system is silent in stand-by/ready and sleep modes.
  • Greater long-term reliability - Generates less internal heat and uses fewer consumable parts (no fuser rollers or fuser oil). The lower total heat helps enable all parts of the machine to last longer.

The Color Image Logic system consists of the following components:

Scanning - The original is fed into the large format scanner and scanned line by line. Each pixel is converted on a scale of 0 to 255 for red, for green and for blue. This generates a 24-bit RGB. From here Image Logic takes over.

Converting - When a black & white copy is required, the color module converts 24 bit RGB data into a grey scale between 0 - 255. This is to ensure that even the lightest colors’ (e.g. yellow) are made visible with grey scales.

Automatic background compensation - At this stage the background is eliminated. Essentially this is done by raising the pixel values on the basis of the background level detected. In each line of the pixels, all background levels are set to the same level of RGB. As the background level is adjusted continuously over the whole page, this results in a background-free image.

Filtering segmentation - The background-free image is now optimized by advanced filtering to enhance weak information, keep small details open and digitally smoothen and soften shaded areas.

Color management module - In this module the RBG values are converted to CMYK values that serve as input for printing.

This is done in two stages:

  • The RGB values are converted to lab values using the scanner profile. Lab is an independent color standard.
  • The lab values are converted to values between 0 and 255 for cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Halftoning - This process converts the CMYK images (256 levels per pixel per color) into bitmaps (1 bit per pixel) using the error diffusion technique. In short, the randomly arranged pixels create a visual impression of smooth shades of color, while at the same time ensuring that (weak) lines, solids and text characters are sharply delineated and filled. The optimized image is now ready for printing.