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The Roadmap for Your Digital Transformation Journey

Confidently Connect Within a Collaborative, Digital Environment

Every business is built different. What works for one organization may not work for the next. Today’s complex, fast-paced work environments need to be collaborative and well-connected to address not only industry-specific matters, but distinct departmental needs, while elevating both the customer and employee experience.

The modern business climate has transformed how companies communicate, collaborate, and engage their customers and employees. Canon Solutions America’s unique and flexible approach can help answer the questions you’re likely asking yourself, such as:

  • How do I empower a distributed workforce?
  • How do I optimize the customer and employee experience?
  • How do I provide a consistent work environment for employees regardless of where they are working for the day?
  • How do I ensure secure and effective collaboration and communication?

Document-related processes permeate the business landscape and play a key role in day-to-day operations. However, many companies fail to fully leverage the benefits of automation. Begin your Digital Transformation journey by integrating trusted technology, solutions, and consultation services to transform cumbersome business processes and support the needs of the hybrid business landscape.


Plug into A Trusted Partner

Canon Solutions America’s Digital Transformation game plan helps organizations of all sizes accomplish strategic business objectives by uniquely utilizing a combination of processes, people, and technology. Built on Canon’s imaging heritage, we offer more than just the hardware and software solutions to help your transition. We can also help you reimagine key core business functions by consulting with your organization to drive change and deliver exceptional results in today’s evolving environment.

This includes:

  • Identifying new approaches that result in more effective use of real estate to help reduce expenses and transforming manual work processes to maximize employee productivity and enhance focus on core business.
  • Enabling cloud strategies for digitization, automation, secure, controlled access, and interoperability through opportunity identification and subject matter expert engagement.
  • Design, implementation, ongoing management, staffing, outsourcing, and support, as well as Change Management capabilities and training.
  • Vertical-specific transformation efforts within higher education, financial services, healthcare, and other environments.
  • Expanding departmental efficiencies, including document collaboration, digital mail, onboarding capabilities, and ease of use—to name just a few—within AP/AR, Contract Management, HR, and more.

Our holistic, consultative approach and implementation efforts unite with our foundational solutions and workflows to help put your organization on the path to increased revenue, enhanced customer experiences, and elevated employee productivity.

Solutions to Solve Today’s Problems

Every problem is an opportunity. Organizations that haven’t taken the first step in their Digital Transformation quest often still experience error-prone manual processes, accuracy and speed issues, information inaccessibility and data insecurity, poor compliance, lack of analytical insight, and the inefficient application of multiple methodologies.

To better service your customers and staff, Canon Solutions America has you covered with:

  • Digital mailroom solutions
  • Immersive HR workflows and onboarding simplification
  • Digitization of documents (backfile conversion) and dynamic forms processing
  • Content onboarding/standardization processes
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Document management and collaboration
  • Automated AP and AR processes
  • E-signature workflows
  • Data Analytics and Business Insights
  • Scanning, Indexing, and Archiving

How can your business get started?

A Dynamic Approach to Digital Transformation

70% of all Digital Transformation initiatives do not reach their goals.*

That’s why having a team of experts to consult with is imperative when taking significant steps in your Digital Transformation journey. Paired with our pedigree in Managed Print Services, we provide a strong and dedicated approach, on and/or off site, to improve digital efficiencies. Canon Solutions America’s holistic cloud-based or on-premise approach helps businesses manage and secure document workflows and data to operate efficiently.

As your dedicated teammates, we spark the automation of productivity by supplying the tools, resources, skills, and expertise to help fill in the gaps and solve the challenges associated with hybrid, on-site, or remote workforces.

*Harvard Business Review


Our consultative approach starts with an Integrated Assessment, aimed at enabling cost control and optimizing workflows. We specifically identify what business process improvements need to be addressed through detailed analysis, reaching down to the departmental level. And, by understanding the current environment, processes, and desired outcomes, we recommend a customized design that pairs our technology and resources to help you realize your goal. Implementation plans incorporate documentation and disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity and provide a training roadmap and ongoing process reviews.

Make It

A major step is making your documents digital. Through Document Process Optimization (DPO), we digitize your document workflows with Hard Copy to Digital Conversions, Digital Repository Consolidation, Comprehensive Content Onboarding, Automated Data Extraction, and Cloud Document Conversion. These steps help to eliminate file cabinets, save space, and create a digital repository for easy access to information and collaboration.

Automate and

Business Process Optimization (BPO) automates and streamlines workflow processes to help save money, make more informed and timely decisions, empower collaboration, enhance compliance, and focus on the core task at hand.

Change Management
& Training

In your Digital Transformation journey, you’ll need buy-in from customers, employees, suppliers, partners, and other key stakeholders. The culture of the workplace is important, and that’s where Canon Solutions America provides game-changing results. We help organizations transition away from the old way of doing things and toward embracing the new by supporting you with the implementation of a leader-led approach to change that helps individuals want to adopt the new mindset and behaviors necessary to realize your vision of success.

“75 percent of organizations are planning, implementing, or have implemented a ‘new normal’ strategy.”
– 2021 Gartner CIO Survey

Maximizing Your Roi

The process doesn’t end at implementation and integration. Through analysis, reporting, and management, we monitor user satisfaction, achievement of KPIs, and identify areas of additional opportunities to help ensure you are receiving the greatest ROI. Our access to data can support actionable insights for better business decisions.

Take the Next Step With Transformative Solutions

Digital Transformation efforts are reshaping the competitive business landscape. Strong data management and automated workflow processes can help improve the efficiency of your workday to benefit cost-efficiency, time to market, the customer experience, revenue growth, and more.

Save Time and
Space Now

Digitize your work environment and shift away from paper to help capture significant savings in both employee efficiency and storage space.

Connect, Collaborate
from Anywhere

Enhance productivity and business continuity on any device no matter where work is done—in the office, remotely, or on-the-go.

Automate Your

Power your processes by untangling twisted departmental workflows into seamless automated processes that capture, index, route, and archive information.

Being Compliant
Is Key

Meet or exceed global regulatory mandates from the U.S., European Union, and other parts of the world to fundamentally reshape business.


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Follow Your Digital Transformation Path

Explore the options below to see how Canon Solutions America can help fast-track your digital transformation efforts.

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See how Canon Solutions America can add integration capabilities to help increase value and efficiency within your organization.

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Every industry has its unique needs and challenges. Find out how Canon Solutions America can address your pain points and put you on the right track to a digitally driven workday.

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Departmental Uses

From Human Resources to Accounts Receivable, every application/use case is different. See how Canon Solutions America can help manage the digital transition.

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