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AUTOMATING Your Core Processes

Manual processes may be steadily draining the vitality out of your enterprise. When your staff has to manually pull data from one part of your business and feed it into another, you are losing staff-hours that can be applied to your core business needs.

We can help you change that. By streamlining and organizing your workflows, we can AUTOMATE business processes so they run seamlessly and without manual intervention.


The Trouble With Manual Processes

Whenever a process requires manual steps such as reviewing/approving information, taking data from one place and entering it elsewhere, routing data to different departments, systems, or processes, it creates delays, opportunities for error, and worst of all it takes up TIME. Time that people could be spending on other things.

When you add up the number of times people have to do this and then multiply that across the entire enterprise, the costs add up fast!

We help our clients reduce this burden by first optimizing workflows and then automating them through an Enterprise Content Management Platform (ECM).

Cross-functional Automation at Scale

Automating Core Processes

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1. Streamline & Automate Processes

Review and revise workflows so they can easily be automated. Documenting all input/output requirements. Download the Digital Transformation Infographic

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2. Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

An ECM is a platform that enables process automation by capturing, organizing, and distributing information for each process. Watch Contract Management Automation Video

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3. Workflow

ECM platforms can automate workflows, such as review and approval processes, by:

  • Assigning tasks to specific users.
  • Why we are doing this.
  • What we hope to gain by doing this.

Watch Workflow Automation for Accounts Payable Video

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4. Capture

ECM platforms use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Capture Recognition (ICR) to automate document capture and indexing. These technologies can automatically scan and extract data from paper documents or digital documents.

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5. Distribute

ECM platforms automate the distribution of content to various channels, such as websites, social media, and mobile devices. Content can be instantly formatted and optimized for each channel, reducing manual effort and improving consistency across channels.

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6. Security

Security automation provides better control over who can access documents, as well as improved protection from unauthorized access. ECM platforms can include access controls, document encryption, and audit trails, ensuring that sensitive information is kept secure.

Putting Automation to Work for You


We can bring automation to many of your core processes. Here are just a few examples:


Change Execution

Records Management

We can automate records management processes, such as retention and disposition, by applying retention policies and schedules to digitized content. This ensures the content is retained for the appropriate period and disposed of according to regulatory and compliancy requirements.

Change Execution

Contract Management

Automating contract management processes, such as contract creation, negotiation, and execution, is a huge opportunity to save time and reduce costs. Contracts can be automatically generated from templates and workflows can be established so contracts are reviewed and approved in a timely manner. Watch Contract Management Automation Video

Change Execution


HR departments can use our ECM platforms to store and manage employee records, such as resumes, performance evaluations, and benefits information. This can help keep employee data secure and allow easily retrieval by authorized users.

Change Execution

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Streamline your AP and AR processes by automating document capture and routing. Invoices, purchase orders, and receipts can be captured and indexed automatically, improving turnaround time and reducing errors. Watch Workflow Automation for Accounts Payable Video

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