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PRISMA Software Solutions are a collection of on-premise and cloud based production print applications and tools that take efficiency and automation to new levels of performance and productivity, all at an affordable price point for the most cost conscious of print service providers.

  • PRISMA Software on-premise solutions include PRISMAprepare, PRISMAdirect and PRISMAsync.
  • PRISMA Software cloud solutions are hosted in the cloud on the PRISMA Home platform, and include a variety of applications and tools that help print service providers automate and monitor their production workflow and devices.

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PRISMA Software is ideal for print service providers (PSPs) who are looking for ways to streamline and increase the productivity of their print operation. Depending on the size of your business, there is a PRISMA Software solution that can address your production requirements at an attractive price point. Large or small, in-plant, print-for-pay, or commercial print, PRISMA Software solutions are designed to fit in structured or flexible workflows and can help cost-driven or value-driven print operations prove their value to their key stakeholders, day-in and day-out.

The benefits of PRISMA Software for the print operations of individual print service providers depend on the specific solutions customers implement, and how they leverage the capabilities of the solutions. Following are the principle benefits customers can expect when choosing PRISMA Software Solutions.

  • Help streamline workflow and turnaround times with structured, customer-friendly, and easy-to-use solutions.
  • Help increase efficiency, productivity and add value throughout the workflow.
  • Help grow and control their business with cost allocation, performance monitoring, and reporting capabilities.
  • Help optimize resources and protect their investments by investing in printer-agnostic software solutions.

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PRISMAprepare is a powerful all-in-one make-ready solution that accelerates all the steps of document preparation, from composition through production.

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PRISMAdirect is designed to streamline the production process from order acquisition and management through fulfillment. It helps simplify order intake, facilitate order management, reduce overhead costs, and help enable faster turnaround times.

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The PRISMAsync family of print servers can help streamline production by making printing operations more intuitive and uniform while delivering the flexibility to help optimize productivity and performance, whether you prefer a structured or ad hoc workflow.

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PRISMA Home is the Canon cloud platform and provides reliable, safe, secure and unified access to all PRISMA cloud-based applications and tools. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a web browser. With PRISMA Home, customers no longer have the hassle of managing software applications on-premise.

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PRISMAprepare Go

PRISMAprepare Go is designed to enhance the ability of small Print Service Provider to receive jobs from their customers, prepare the jobs for production, and release the jobs to their printers and set their production operation to “GO” status.

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PRISMAcolor Manager

PRISMAcolor Manager solves the color output verification and validation challenage with a single web-based tool that works with virtually any CMYK device. Manage one device or a fleet of color devices, even in multiple locations, and track and trend performance over time.

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PRISMAlytics Accounting

PRISMAlytics Accounting retrieves device data directly from supported PRISMAsync-driven digital presses and provides preformatted reports that can be quickly viewed or exported for tracking, cost analysis, billing, charge-backs, and business planning.

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PRISMAremote Manager

PRISMAremote Manager is a multipress scheduler and management console that provides great control over your fleet of PRISMAsync-driven digital presses. This Web-based tool helps keep your presses running as continuously as possible, with work properly prioritized. Easily upload jobs, edit job properties, and monitor your fleet with this web-based tool.

PRISMAlytics Dashboard logo

PRISMAlytics Dashboard

Take control of your print operation with PRISMAlytics Dashboard, an easy and secure cloud-based management information tool that helps to provide comprehensive overviews for a variety of Canon printers.

PRISMAelevate XL Dimensional Printing Software

PRISMAelevate XL Dimensional Printing Software

Offer exciting textured print applications and target new, high-end markets with value-adding elevated applications.

Available for Arizona flat-bed printers only.



Simplify and automate advanced print jobs, including added-value, multi-stepped and double-sided applications, making high-quality print files ready in an instant.

Available for Arizona Colorado and UVgel printers only.

PRISMA Software Solutions

PRISMA Software Solutions