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PRISMAcolor Manager enables printer operators to manage the complex task of proactively balancing the color potential across Canon and non-Canon CMYK printers, over multiple locations, beginning with measuring and validating printed colors, in order to compare quality and consistency.

It verifies color accuracy against industry standards and presents clear overviews and trends at a glance, making key actionable data accessible.

The customizable user interface includes tiles with drag and filter functionalities. The real-time, easy-to- understand overviews and metrics bring color results to life. Step-by-step on-screen animations guide users through the measurement tasks, helping to reduce errors and wasteful misprints. This allows PRISMAcolor Manager to be used by novice operators and color experts.

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Color management has traditionally been a challenging process for skilled specialists. PRISMAcolor Manager helps change that by providing color measurement in an intuitive user interface, to add numeric color evaluation to judgements made by eye.

Confirming Color Across Printers and Locations

PRISMAcolor Manager offers PSPs a new way of validating printed colors to maintain beautiful color quality of digital prints across both Canon and non-Canon printers, ink, and toner, by:

  • Structuring the digital color measurement process.
  • Simplifying how results are displayed and analyzed.
  • Collecting and collating color measurement results from different printers, irrespective of the print controller.
  • Validating results against your own defined targets and tolerances, or industry standards such as those defined by FOGRA and IDEAlliance.
  • Saving time
  • Bringing color performance to life in easy-to-understand trend graphs prevents operators from manually going through historical data in order to gain the insights they need to monitor quality.
  • Even non-specialists can quickly assess the graded results of the color measurements against the desired targets and tolerances, or standards.
  • The step-by-step animations and intuitive user interface help shorten the learning curve for new operators, who can now master the traditionally complex processes of carrying out and determining the meaning of color measurements over time and across different printers much easier and faster.
  • Transition to management by measurement
  • Simplifying the complex process of color management makes digital color printing more accessible to PSPs of any size.
  • Reduce waste
  • Accurate color management reduces wasteful misprints as operators are able to act on on-screen color quality trends before they cause unacceptable print output.

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