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Color Reflections & Why They Chose the Océ Colorado Roll-To-Roll Printer

Eric Berger, Owner of Color Reflections talks about the buying process and experience they’ve had with the Océ Colorado large format printer. Color Reflections works primarily with retail, corporate, and movie producers creating adhesive backed vinyls for wall coverings and murals. Intrigued by the UV gel technology and benefits it could provide, Color Reflections purchased the Océ Colorado immediately. The Océ Colorado printer is everything they thought it would be and more.

Less down time, lower production time, outputs projects faster, outstanding quality, ability to use scrap and the automation the roll-to-roll printer provides has given Color Reflections’ team the confidence to take on more projects, with tighter deadlines. They were able to increase capacity and quality, lower their cost per square foot at a cost entry that wasn’t price prohibiting. As Eric Berger, Owner of Color Reflections says, “It’s a no brainer!”