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Copy General VarioPrint i300 Color Inkjet Digital Press Testimonial

Copy General is the largest all digital printer in the Washington Metropolitan Region. Based out of Sterling, VA this small company knew that in order to stay competitive they needed to keep up-to-date with print technology. The future of printing technology is inkjet, according to Copy General. With exceptional speed, cost effectiveness, and reliability unlike any other technology, the VarioPrint i300 from Canon Solutions America has exceeded the expectations of Copy General’s staff. Copy General was able to transition 85% of the jobs being done on other machines to the VarioPrint i300 color inkjet press producing jobs more cost effectively, faster, and at exceptional quality. The staff at Copy General prefer the new digital press from Canon because they can spend more time running jobs and less time on maintenance of the equipment, making them more productive. The VarioPrint i300 has given Copy General the ability to bid on huge accounts with a fast turnaround because they are confident that their digital press can handle any job. With Copy General and Canon side-by-side they are growing in the print industry as partners.