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Eric Lazar on SpeedPro Chicago Loop’s Colorado 1650 Wide-Format Printer Upgrade

Eric Lazar, a partner at SpeedPro Chicago Loop, describes how the recent installation of a new Canon Colorado 1650 roll-to-roll, wide-format printer has benefited his print shop in terms of higher speeds, lower operating costs, and quicker turnaround times.

SpeedPro Chicago Loop focuses mainly on the trade show industry, as well as events and corporate decor. The main features of the Colorado 1650 printer that impressed SpeedPro were the print quality and printing speeds. They needed a printer that would let them take on more production, which they weren’t able to do with their previous equipment.

The Colorado 1650 printer made a difference in reducing man-hours. SpeedPro was able to eliminate unnecessary overtime and reduce their 40-hour workweek.

One of the biggest indicators of the value of the Colorado 1650 printer was a large print job that came up within 2-3 days of installing this printer. They wouldn’t be able to take on that large of a job without this printer. Other print shops in the marketplace had turned down the client because of the size. SpeedPro was able to turn it around very quickly with quality prints. They have been able to take on nearly any job with almost any time limit proposed.