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Group Imaging - Case Study

Group Imaging conducts a large amount of their business creating wide format wallpaper and murals for youth camps and churches across the country.

When traditional latex printing wasn’t working, Group Imaging began the search for something new. What they found was that none of the other wide format printers on the market could match the print quality and consistency of the Colorado 1640 Printer.

Because of the demands of a children’s environment, ink durability was also a top priority for Group Imaging. When testing competitors products with pure acetone, the ink would rub off, whereas the Colorado’s did not which means their customers would not need to worry about cleaning the wallpaper if needed.

Group Imaging has been able to do 2-3 times faster printing now with the UV, roll-to-roll printing capabilities of the Colorado 1640. As Jeff Burris, CEO of Group Imaging states, “This printer has taken the knot out of my stomach.”