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One Canon Event 2018 - What They Think

While attending the One Canon 2018 Event, Adam Carver, CEO of Pixelwerx, shared with WhatTheyThink a background on their company’s history and thoughts on their latest purchase of the Colorado 1640 wide format printer, powered by UVgel technology. Adam was really impressed by the specs when he was introduced to the printer, previously stating they seemed too good to be true. But once he saw it in person, he decided to bring the printer in-house.

Pixelwerx currently uses the Colorado wide format printer primarily for backlits, polyester backlit films, adhesive vinyl, and others. The printer is capable of handling a diverse amount of material, allowing new revenue channels to open up. Adam believes one of the greatest benefits of the Colorado is the large amount of ink savings. He also elaborates that a surprising benefit of purchasing the new printer was the reduction of labor. The Colorado doesn’t require a lot of interaction, so workers are able to spend more time on finishing and packaging projects rather than on the machine.