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Printec Inc - Wallcovering Challenge

At Printec, they need three features that conventional UV printers cannot simultaneously achieve: productivity, low ink usage and a smooth print surface. They were amazed at the fast printing speed of the Océ Colorado printer while utilizing only 4 colors… and its high-grade print image quality, color gamut and reproducibility. The Colorado printer has a fast delivery and is able to process large properties. There are 3 specific points that Printec expressed - The Océ Colorado can print up to 4 times faster than other printers; no drying time is needed; and in quick -delivery assignments there’s no need to laminate after printing.

Currently, wallpaper amounts to ⅕ of Printec’s production. As the popularity of wallpaper decoration increases, so does production volume. In interior wall decoration, the surfaces are much larger than in floors and windows. That’s why Printec is investigating the use of the highly productive Colorado printer considering its aptitude and operability for wallpaper printing.