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How the Colorado 1640 UVgel Printer Outperforms Latex Machines for Limitless Walls

Mike Speeney of Limitless Walls chats with Mark Michelson, Editor-in-Chief of Printing Impressions, about the Colorado 1640 UVgel printer and how it compares with their previous latex machines.

Limitless Walls specializes in creating custom murals and wallpaper for architects, designers, construction companies, and more. Before installing the Colorado 1640 printer, it was using latex printers to produce its work but found them unproductive. The latex machines were cumbersome, slow, and often had color consistency issues. Limitless Walls wanted more for its business and switched to the Colorado 1640 printer.

So how did the Colorado 1640 printer perform against the latex printers?

  • Time savings - A 150-foot roll took 4-5 hours to run on the latex device while taking less than 2 hours on the Colorado 1640 printer.
  • Tremendous ink savings for UVgel
  • Game-changing productivity