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Folder Express 3011 Large Format Folder

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  • Fully integrated solution which integrates file submission, printing and folding
  • Automated fold packages make for easy distribution and archiving of drawings
  • ClearConnect Software interface simplifies the selection of folding options

Full Integration

  • Full bi-directional communication with printer prevents printer jams
  • Select unique fold packages for each job from within the print driver
  • Set and change folding option on the ColorWave 3000 series printer’s user panel


  • Fan folding of long plots that are up to 236” long
  • Standardize your folding packages with 254 fold templates
  • Belt unit with a stacking capacity of up to 80 folded A0 drawings

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Folding speed 1 - 12 m/min ; 8.2 - 36.09 ft/min Delivery capacity (standard delivery belt) 80 A0/E size folded packages (80 gr/m2)
Standard Fold programs 255 editable, 45 standard programs :DIN B 210x297, DIN C 210x297, DIN B 210x305, Fan Fold Only 210, DIN B 198x297, DIN A 190/20x297, DIN A 185/25x297, DIN A 180/30x297, Ericson 190/20x297, JPN 210P, JPN 210x297P, JPN 297P, JPN 210x297F, JPN X Fold A, JPN X Fold B, ANSI 8.5x11, ANSI 7.5+1x11, ARCH 9.0x12, ARCH 8.0+1x12, 8.5x12, Mailer 7.5x10, Fan Fold only 8.5, DIN B 210x310, DIN A 170/40x297, Freestyle method programs, partly used for Matrix technology Power supply 110 - 120 V - 50/60 Hz | 200 - 240 V - 50/60 Hz
Paper feed Automatic Power consumption Maximum/standby 250 W / <5W
Paper length fanfold 420 mm - 6000 mm / 16,5 -236 inch Dimensions Folder Express 3011 (LxWxH) 852x1178x1179 mm; 33.54x70x46.42 in
Paper length fanfold & crosfold 421 mm - 2500 mm / 16,5 -98 inch Shipping dimensions Folder Express 3011(WxDxH) 1850 x 1070 x 1330 mm; 72.8 x 42.1 x 51.8 inch
Paper width 279- 914 mm / 11- 36 inch Weight Folder Express 3011 248 kg; 545 lb
Paper weight 60 - 110 g/m²; 16 - 30 lbs Operating temperature 17 -30 °C; 63 - 86 °F
Paper weight (recommended) 75 - 90 g/m²; 20 - 24 lbs Operating humidity 20 - 80 % RH, depending on media type
Paper type (recommended) 75 - 90 g/m²; 20 - 24 lbs Altitude no limitation
Package width 170 - 230 mm / 6.7 - 9 inch user interface 7 inch, multi touch color
Package heigth 210 - 320 mm; 10 - 12 in Accoustic sound pressure (operator position) 61 dB(A)
Binding edge 0 - 40 mm; 0 - 1.5 inch    

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