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MS JP4 Series

Textile and Dye Sublimation Solutions

MS JP4 Series

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  • 4 or 8 Kyocera print heads for fast turnaround of print jobs
  • High production speeds increase production of textile applications
  • Print direct to fabric or paper transfer
  • Large 10 Liter ink tanks for unattended printer operation
  • Mini-jumbo roll unwinder that handles rolls up to 19.7” (500mm) in diameter
  • Optional Qwizard digital front end printer management software for file, color and preflight management

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  JP4 1.8M JP4 EVO 1.8M JP4 3.2M JP4 EVO 3.2M
Maximum Print Width: 70.8” (1.8m) 70.8” (1.8m) 126” (3.2m) 126” (3.2m)
Maximum Roll Diameter: 19.7” (500mm) 19.7” (500mm) 19.7” (500mm) 19.7” (500mm)
Printheads: Kyocera 300 dpi Kyocera 600 dpi Kyocera 300 dpi Kyocera 600 dpi
No of Colors: 4 4 4 4
No. of Printheads: 4 8 4 8
Ink Capacity: 10 L/Color 10 L/Color 10 L/Color 10 L/Color
Ink Options: Digistar K-One Inks
Direct-to-Fabric (Optional): Direct-to-Fabric option permits hybrid printing with transfer paper or fabrics
QWizard (Optional): Optional Printer Controller & Preflight Solution
Compatible RIPs: Caldera GrandRIP+, Onyx V21 or Greater
Power: 400V AC – 50 Hz 400V AC – 50 Hz 400V AC – 50 Hz 400V AC – 50 Hz
Auxillary Voltage: DC 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V
Full Load Current: 32A 32A 36A 36A
Breaking Current: 500A 500A 500A 500A
Installed Power: 20 kVA 20 kVA 22 kVA 22 kVA
Min. Air Pressure: -- -- 6 bar at 10 L/min 6 bar at 10 L/min
Length 173” 173” 228” 228”
Width 89” 89” 89” 89”
Height 89” 89” 89” 89”
Weight 4,837 lbs 4,837 lbs 7,672 lbs 7,672 lbs
Length 178” 178” 234” 234”
Width 88” 88” 88” 88”
Height 77” 77” 77” 77”
Weight 3,968 lbs 3,968 lbs 6,393 lbs 6,393 lbs
High Speed Up to 3,120 sf/hr Up to 3,354 sf/hr Up to 4,632 sf/hr Up to 4,952 sf/hr
Production Speed Up to 2,140 sf/hr Up to 2,396 sf/hr Up to 3,035 sf/hr Up to 4,078 sf/hr
Quality Up to 1,224 sf/hr Up to 2,183 sf/hr Up to 1,650 sf/hr Up to 3,035 sf/hr

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