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Arizona 6100 XTHF Series

UV Flatbed Printers

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Key Arizona 6100 XTHV Mark II Series printer features include:

  • High Flow Vacuum producing up to 15 times the airflow of existing systems
  • Enhanced table with 250,000 air holes for maximum hold down
  • A productive pneumatic pin registration system for quickly and accurately loading boards
  • Oversized 8.1 × 10.5 foot maximum print area
  • Print speeds of up to 2,368 sq. ft. or 41 4' x 8' boards per hour with high print quality and density
  • Automated Printhead Maintenance System for "hands-free" cleaning of printheads
  • VariaDot technology featuring award winning image quality, which is capable of producing sharp image detail and dense uniform solid colors
  • Built-in White Ink printing with the Arizona 6170 XTHV Mark II
  • Standard light magenta and light cyan inks provide optimized print quality at high speeds
  • Support for Arizona Xpert software for quick and easy creation of complex, higher margin jobs
  • Mark II improvements include High Key print mode, ORS (On-remote Service) connectivity, controller enhancements, built-in automation API, increased storage, etc.

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Printing on corrugate boards and plywood panels, which are never flat, is challenging. You’ve had two options: tape down boards to avoid damaging print heads or raise the carriage height and sacrifice print quality.

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Rigid Media Size 98.4" x 126" (2.5m x 3.2m)
Rigid Media Thickness 1.0" (25.4mm)
VariaDot Printing Technology 6 to 42 picoliter droplets, 636 nozzles, six printheads/channel, dual row design
High Key Print Speed 1668ft 2/hr
Ink Channels 6160 Series - 6 ink channels (Upgradeable to 7 channels)
6170 Series - 7 ink channels

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Materials Safety Data Information

Downloads for drivers, manuals, software, firmware and safety data

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Arizona and Colorado Series Media Guides

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Technology Backgrounder

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Arizona Software Compatibility Chart

Download Software Compatibility Chart

Arizona Awards Brochure

Worldwide recognition for quality and innovation.

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Drivers and Software

In this area you will find information related to software supporting large format, production printing and office printing equipment, including: Applications and Utilities, Color Profiles, Drivers, Patches and Updates, Security Information, and User Manuals.

Drivers and Software

Arizona Xpert

The Arizona Xpert software turns complex job setup into a quick, effective process. The self-learning capability within Arizona Xpert can learn your steps to setup multi-layered, complex jobs - even double sided jobs or jobs with transparency.

Download Arizona Xpert Brochure

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Product Demos

Arizona 6100 Mark II series - Full Demo

Arizona 6100 Mark II Series Trailer

HFV Cuts Production Time in Half (Tape vs No-Tape)

Arizona 6170 XTS with High Flow Vacuum


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