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LRS Output Management

Enterprise Office Software

One LRS Enterprise Output server instance can replace many individual print servers. The LRS instances are less expensive to purchase, configure and maintain. This also contributes to centralization initiatives, giving IT one place to manage all devices, queues, and print drivers. There are also significant benefits in IT and end-user productivity gains

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Centralized Management & Administration

By consolidating print servers and providing direct IP printing and an improved method of managing print drivers, the advantages are clear.

  • Simpler, more manageable printing infrastructure.
  • Improved accounting, compliance, and sustainability best practices.
  • Enhanced user experience for greater worker productivity.
  • Improved IT service yields faster problem resolution and reduces the need for full time employees.

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One of our primary goals is to help healthcare organizations modernize their legacy systems. Canon Solutions America and LRS can help in three key areas:

  • Print Modernization
  • Archive Modernization
  • Mainframe Modernization

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Through engagements with some of the largest healthcare organizations, LRS has been able to dramatically improve print performance and reliability by continually refining their interface with Epic.

The VPSX for Epic solution simplifies the management of document delivery to printers and other devices. It can provide secured web access to necessary information. It can also provide the ability to send documents to preferred documents and locations. It also provides electronic distribution of reports to ensure continuity during downtime events.

Benefits of the VPSX® for Epic® Solution:

  • Provides a single point of control for all printers
  • Is scalable with an unlimited  number  of printers
  • Eliminates reliance on Windows® printer servers
  • Provides one queue per printer
  • Helps improve EPS and application performance
  • Supports all open systems platforms that Epic runs on including UNIX, Linux, and Windows
  • Provides a fully documented audit trail of who, when and where documents were viewed or printed to aid in HIPAA compliance
  • Has the added capability to handle Windows printing and other enterprise application printing
  • Reports job status back to Epic


With more than a decade of experience integrating with Cerner customers and through our engagements with some of the largest healthcare organizations, LRS is able to help dramatically reduce output costs and improve print performance and reliability.

Benefits of LRS for Cerner:

  • LRS supports Millennium backend and Charting  output  from one consolidated view of all printers
  • Manage Millennium and other application output using one platform to print, view, archive, fax, or email
  • LRS eliminates the need to have multiple networking groups /companies involved in troubleshooting networking issues
  • LRS supports Windows® printing as well as other enterprise application output
  • LRS® architecture uses a single printer definition per printer for all applications (Millennium, Charting, Soarian, Windows, Citrix, or other)
  • LRS monitoring and troubleshooting tools permit better allocation of administrator and support resources
  • Using LRS you will be able to decrease time to deploy new printers from days to minutes
  • LRS regularly supports non-supported devices with the use of transforms. Transforms allow hospitals to transform Cerner Postscript output to other formats like PDF and ZPL
  • Proven reliable: LRS handles over 60 million Millennium jobs a year at customer environments
  • LRS facilitates document retention and search


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LRS Healthcare Solutions Video


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