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As your business needs change, the platform is truly flexible, allowing you to be ready for new demands that your customers and employees require, with scalable processes that support digital transformation at its core.


AgilePoint standardizes and streamlines every single process across the enterprise with agile automation and an empowered workforce.


AgilePoint enables clients to manage a productive distributed workforce, and deploy new solutions, without the added stress.

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800+ Workflow Actions

Having configurable workflow actions means that less technical skill is required to build potentially complex applications and automation. This is a key enabler of creating automation at a large scale. Due to the way AgilePoint is built, it enables business users to build applications, instead of relying on professional developers within your organization. Again, whether you rely on Canon Solutions America’s expertise or that of your internal resources, connectivity and time to market are much faster via AgilePoint.

Connection to Back-End Systems

You use a wide range of systems to run your business. AgilePoint allows for swift, no-code integration into some of the most common business platforms to ensure data is shared across the enterprise.

eForms Tool with Pre-Built Controls

AgilePoint offers over 65 pre-built user interface elements to add to a form. This means that AgilePoint has already created an input field for your use case or data type, with easily configurable validation. This simplifies the design experience, reducing the need for developer assistance.

And More…

AgilePoint has many more extensive tools right out of the box. Please contact us for a more in-depth review of how we can assist with your digital transformation journey.

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