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Laserfiche - Enterprise Content Management

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Laserfiche Brochure

Laserfiche Brochure


Laserfiche Content Services


Content Services


Document Management

  • Organize all your organization’s information so you make faster, better business decisions and reduce reliance on searching for paper documents.


  • Control all your paper, digital and mobile content with state-of-the-art Laserfiche capture tools. Extract information leverage data as an asset.

Laserfiche Platform Services

Platform Services


Records Management

  • Establish guidelines for organizing your documents to ensure compliance and business continuity for your company.


  • Protect sensitive content, enable compliance, and achieve records integrity through secure document management


  • Capture, organize and automate information in Laserfiche Cloud with industry leading security.


  • Centralize operations by integrating digital content with other applications.

Laserfiche Process Automation

Process Automation


Workflows and Task Management

  • Manage your mission-critical processes to eliminate spreadsheets, emails and busywork.

Forms & Business Processes

  • Use electronic forms to reduce paper and manual approvals for a better user experience.


  • Utilize process data to optimize operations by identifying inefficiencies.

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Higher Productivity

  • Streamline your organization and eliminate manual processes with workflows, electronic forms and analytics.

Helps your organization manage its security and compliance efforts

  • Protect your information with leading industry certifications. Helps you manage your GDPR and other emerging regulatory compliance efforts

Increased Accuracy

  • Never lose a document again and reduce time spent searching for information with content management.

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Solutions By Industry

Government & Law Enforcement

  • Improve record keeping
  • Interact with your community with secure web portals
  • Save time and increase efficiency by effectively sharing information across departments
  • Securely search, retrieve and file arrest records for each city police case.
Laserfiche Government Solutions

K-12 and Higher Education

  • Go paperless and modernize information management
  • Protect information with document level security controls
  • Transform operations campus or district wide with tools and workflows for every department
Laserfiche Education Solutions


  • Help secure patient health information with tailored roles and access to information
  • Support HIPAA compliance efforts to avoid fines
  • Create audit logs to track all access to information
  • Instantly retrieve and securely share records to expedite patient services
Laserfiche Healthcare Solutions


  • Improve claims capture by compiling and uploading information with mobile devices
  • Integrate with your core insurance application to reduce manual and double data entry
  • Accelerate claims processing with industry tailored workflows
Laserfiche Insurance Solutions

Solutions by Department

Human Resources

  • Simplify both internal and external information capture with electronic forms
  • Streamline the onboarding process with department specific workflows
  • Schedule reminders for employees for common tasks
Laserfiche Human Resources Solutions


  • Make use of digital signatures to reduce document processing time
  • Enable multiple stakeholders to simultaneously view the most current contract versions every time
  • Create and reuse standard digital contract templates to eliminate repetitive work
Legal Industry Solutions

Accounting & Finance

  • Securely store invoices and related financial documentation for easy retrieval
  • Automatically route invoices to multiple employees for review, approval and check processing
  • Use integrations to access documents stored in Laserfiche directly from accounting applications
Laserfiche Accounting and Finance Solutions

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Product Videos

Laserfiche Drive Enterprise Growth


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