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Mail2Cloud from mxHero - Manage, collaborate, secure your email like never before

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mxHero’s Mail2Cloud product is actually a suite of solutions.

Mail2Cloud offers applications from simply saving Outlook email (messages and attachments) in the cloud to the complete integration of most popular email and cloud storage solutions in the Mail2Cloud Platform. Add-ons to the platform are available to provide intelligent filing and archiving capabilities to meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

Mail2Cloud Fusion connects your existing email with cloud storage, enabling an integrated email-to-workflow information management solution. Mail2Cloud helps create a cost-effective solution to thin and organize email as Mail2Cloud content and attachments. Mail2Cloud automatically replaces email attachments with cloud storage links. This simple concept can result in several profound improvements to how files are managed in email.

The Mail2Cloud platform supports the complete replacement of email’s native attachment handling with cloud storage. The result is a hybrid class of email. The Mail2Cloud platform is a server side implementation, which means it does not require installation by end users and it works regardless of the device you use to send email, e.g. tablet, desktop, mobile, etc. This is very different than most solutions out there that are client-side apps. Mail2Cloud doesn’t require any end user training. IT can centrally administer and deploy Mail2Cloud transparently to the end user community.

Mail2Cloud’s Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) automatically manages emails and attachments. In seconds, advanced pattern matching scans message headers (subject, sender, etc.), message body, attachment names, and in certain cases email content, to file messages into any conceivable combination of self-defined categories. Automatically classify and file email by any criteria, such as Client, Matter, Project ID, Ticket, Company, Patient ID, etc.

Keep in mind the following reasons for moving email to the cloud when considering your requirements:

  • Email systems contain mission critical business documents with potential legal ramifications.
  • Email systems are used every day to collaborate both internally and externally.
  • Email sprawl amongst thousands of user devices can be a serious security risk.
  • Email systems store documents only on a per-user basis versus a centralized basis.
  • Email systems can have limited search and structured filing capabilities.
  • Email systems were designed for communication, not storage and collaboration.

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The benefits of Mail2Cloud are numerous. Legacy email limitations impact security, drive IT costs exponentially, and impact user productivity. Consider the following when thinking about the benefits of Mail2Cloud:

Security If email is breached - ALL attachments are exposed. Any employee can email any document to anyone, with NO expiration.
Tracking No way to determine WHO saw an email.
User Productivity Rudimentary search and filing are completely manual. 10 MB size limit is crippling for many types of content, e.g. legal, drawings, PPT etc.
Collaboration Team content is spread across desktops, not centrally located. No version control, no classification, e.g. metadata, labels etc.
Regulatory Compliance Email is a “Regulated Document.”
Legacy systems are duplicative, expensive, and lack features.
Attachments Astronomical storage costs multiplied heavily across the organization. Critical documents now on dozens of devices - risks are multiplied.
User Error, Bad Habits Storing dangerous .pst files.
Requires manual user actions for filing, archiving, and governance.

Organizational Benefits

Mail2Cloud brings significant benefits to all levels of an organization:

  • Organizations benefit with Mail2Cloud in the areas of regulatory compliance, institutional record, storage cost reduction, and security.
  • Teams benefit through enhanced and secure collaboration, a team cloud repository for documents, and management oversight.
  • Individuals benefit through a personal cloud repository for documents, rapid accessibility through mxHero’s AC Engine, and portability.

Functional Benefits

The functional benefits of mxHero Mail2Cloud fall into four main categories:

Email Management Email Security Features Inbox Thinning Email Governance
  • Save email to Cloud
  • Powerful message respository
  • Auto-management of attachments
  • Manage documents outside of email
  • Seamless attachment security features
  • Control email attachments even after they are sent
  • Track attachments
  • Help reduce overflowing email inboxes
  • Potential network and storage cost savings
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Archiving security in mind
  • Email rentention
  • Email content discovery
  • Central attachment control

Benefits of Mail2Cloud Over Traditional Email Deployments

The table below illustrates nine important advantages a Mail2Cloud solution offers over traditional email solutions:

  Mail2Cloud Deployment   Traditional Email Deployment
1 Strong, flexible access security.   Has contributed to many high profile email related security breaches over the last decades.
2 Messages shared from a single collaborative location.   Copies of messages shared out of every recipient's chaotic email environment.
3 Messages viewable as single documents without being forwarded to email.   Email viewable only from within an email program.
4 Access to messages can be granularly controlled (different access rights) and revoked.   Forwarded message is no longer in control of the sender.
5 Message can be grouped with other relevant files.   Email can only be grouped with email.
6 Advanced Cloud Storage features like comments, task assignment, workflows, etc.   Little to no collaborative or workflow features.
7 Flexible classification features, favoriting, labels, meta-data tags, multi-level folders etc.   Typically only folders or tags.
8 Advanced search facilities to find email and files quickly.    Limited search facilities; files hidden as paperclips.
9 Powerful document preview technologies from mobile devices.   Limited to no mobile preview capabilities.

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Product Offerings

Mail2Cloud is offered in four principle packages by Canon Solutions America. Based on the mxHero Mail2Cloud Platform, Mail2Cloud is three powerful server side applications for saving email to cloud storage and embedding on the client side, and embedding the benefits of cloud storage into emails on the server side for augmented email security, information governance, and productivity. In addition, the Mail2Cloud plug-in, mxHERO for Outlook, rounds out Mail2Cloud with a client side tool for saving Outlook email in the cloud.

Core Product Offerings

  1. Mail2Cloud Platform: Server-side solution to seamlessly extend your exisiting cloud storage to email: archive, collaborate, secure, and govern.
  2. Mail2Cloud Intelligence Add-on: Add automated filing of email based on message and attachment content.
  3. Mail2Cloud Archive Add-on: Replace legacy email archives with your cloud storage.
  4. mxHero for Outlook: Drag-and-drop email from Outlook directly to your cloud storage (Outlook only).

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Is Mail2Cloud for You?

Mail2Cloud from mxHero is designed for businesses of all types looking for a game changing technology that will radically improve their email productivity and security. The only requirements are email and a targeted cloud content management platform (currently Mail2Cloud supports: Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, Google Drive, Citrix, ShareFile).

Email Management - Accurate and Easy

Imagine a world where the most important emails and attachment-based content in your organization were automatically and intelligently filed into powerful cloud and hybrid content management platforms.

  • Auto-file messages (and attachments) by client, project, matter … or however you define.
  • Authorized search from any device—mobile, desktop, etc.
  • Track and control message and attachments even after delivery.
  • MxHero allows you to do all that, and much more.

Emails Automatically Organized in Your Cloud

MxHero analyzes email messages and attachments and saves them to the correct folder in your content management system.

  • Fully automatic option, requires no user intervention.
  • Supports complex filing hierarchies using message date, recipient, company, message content, etc.
  • Works with any email system.
  • Current supported storage targets: Box, Egnyte, OneDrive, Citrix ShareFile, Google Drive.

Emails Optimized for Cloud Content Storage

  • Message bodies converted into PDFs for easy preview and rapid, indexed search.
  • PDF messages automatically saved with your naming convention, ex. 20180115-Proposal.pdf (date stamp - subject name).
  • Attachments saved separately and conveniently linked to the PDF message.
  • Metadata added to all saved messages and attachments, allowing for powerful searches like “find all documents from john@acme.com".

Drag, Drop, and Search Email in Your Cloud

Imagine if you could simply drag-and-drop email directly from Outlook to your cloud storage (Box, Egnyte, etc.)

  • View your cloud folders directly in Outlook.
  • Drag-and-drop messages directly to your folders.
  • Search and open emails stored in your cloud from Outlook.

Track and Automatically Secure Every Attachment

Automatically track all attachments and control them even after delivery.

  • Track every attachment per recipient down to the ZIP code.
  • Always-on tracking or user triggered options.
  • Automatically deliver files with the appropriate security: expire in 7 days, require password authentication, read-only, and more.
  • Works across every device and every email program.

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Product Videos

mxHero Mail2Cloud Overview

mxHero’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service that stores email and/or email attachments to cloud storage. Mail2Cloud complements your existing email plug-in solutions by capturing all emails (both inbound and outbound traffic, from any device type, operating system, or platform) with no end user intervention or workflow disruption. When an end user uses an email-to-cloud plug-in, Mail2Cloud enhances the experience, with no plug-in conflict.


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