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nQ Zebraworks Business Process Solution for Law Firms

Enterprise Office Software

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nQ Zebraworks Embedded for Canon supports nQ Zebraworks Scan Manager, the industry-leading document handling platform, which allows users to create, convert, and route scans with a single touch.

Walk Up Scanning

  • Capture, format, route, and distribute paper and electronic documents
  • Quickly route and convert scans with One-Touch Scanning
  • Use nQueue’s intuitive interface, with minimal training
  • Perform OCR instantly and accurately
  • Convert documents into a variety of file formats (DOC, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, Searchable PDF)
  • Apply special routing rules to handle scanned documents integration with leading document management systems
  • Enable integration with Microsoft Exchange®

Bulk Scanning

  • Easily create and use barcode cover pages to send large jobs to copy center
  • Create barcodes directly on documents such as invoices
  • Includes same file conversion options as Walk Up Scanning and routing

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Reduce Paper with nQ Zebraworks Document Scanning and Routing. Many firms face a lack of uniform processes and technology, a multiple office environment, and expensive technology with different processes for different devices. In order to maximize usage—and gain the advantages of reduced paper—firms need a uniform, single-click process that is efficient and easy to use, either from the MFD or in bulk in the copy center.

  • Capture scanned documents using any four OnRamps
  • Format, OCR and Route instantly to any OffRamp destination.

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nQ Zebraworks Embedded for Canon supports nQ Zebraworks Print Anywhere, which allows print jobs to be sent from users’ desktops, but only released upon arrival at any compatible device. nQ Zebraworks Print Anywhere increases security and reduces wasted time and resources.

  • Print to one queue and release at any compatible device
  • Increase security by only releasing jobs while the user is physically at the device
  • Save time by using a printer that is not already busy
  • Save time by not attempting to print to devices that are offline
  • Delete unwanted jobs (rather than have them sit on the printer)
  • Establish release rules to enforce print usage policies
  • Proxy release support
  • Fee-Earner can grant access to other users so jobs can be released on their behalf

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Improve Business Process with Intelligent Information Management

With nQ Zebraworks you can include optional workflow and archiving with Therefore™, Canon’s premier enterprise information management system. Therefore™ can enable your law firm to maximize the benefits of an automated routing system by establishing specific digital workflows.

Therefore™ Means…

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Productivity
  • Visibility
  • Reactivity

Workflow – Improving Efficiency

  • Route matters to multiple recipients and locations
  • Automate your Accounts Payable and Receivable process
  • Automatically deliver expense information to the firm’s time and billing system
  • And much more

Arcive – Search & Retrieval

Rest easy that your information is safe and secure. With Therefore, your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Search and retrieval is a snap via your PC or mobile device. Manage records easily and ensure compliance through comprehensive document retention policies.

Key Features:

  • Dual data storage
  • Digital signatures
  • Customizable permissions
  • Retention policy management

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