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  • RightFax FeaturesSending and Receiving Faxes

    • Send, receive, and manage faxes directly from a user's desktop computer
  • Faxing Options

    • Create custom coversheets, signatures, phonebooks, library documents, and much more
  • Inbound Fax Routing

    Route incoming faxes a number of different ways including:
    • DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Routing supported for inbound faxing only
    • DNIS (Dialed Number Information Service) Routing for bi directional faxing
    • DTMF Routing
    • Channel Routing
    • ANI(Automatic Number Identification) Routing
    • CSID (Caller Subscriber Identification) Routing
    • Smart Fax Distribution-routes to members of a group by round-robin or according to a member's abiltty to process incoming faxes
    • UserGroup Routing-routes to all members of a group
    • Network Directory Routing
    • Route by OCR for recognizable character strings
    • Bar Code Routing
  • Outbound Dialing Rules

    • Attach rules to faxes whose destination fax number matches a pattern
  • Delegates

    • Users have the option to specify who has access to their personal FaxUtil mailbox to send, receive and manage faxes on their behalf

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RightFax BenefitsRightFax Key Benefits

RightFax not only turns paper faxes into electronics documents, RightFax also provides benefits across the entire organization. Increase the efficiency and productivity of anyone who touches a faxed document.

  • Increase the Speed of Doing Business

    • Integrate fax documents with the business applications that are most important to your business, making it easier to exchange information more quickly
    • Better control over fax and business processes
    • Turm static, paper documents into dynamic, smart content as part of an electronic workflow
    • Shorten business cycles by delivering quotes, invoices, and purchase orders automatically and instantly
  • Get Rid of Fax Machines Forever

    • Increase productivity by sending, receiving,and managing faxes electronically, without ever touching a fax machine again
    • Integrate with any email application to manage fax traffic as easily as managing emails
    • Eliminate the cost of fax machines, paper, toner, analog phonelines, and the frustrations that go along with them
    • Integrate with MFP devices to fax paper documents any time you need to
  • Keep Content Private and Secure

    • RightFax helps maintain compliance with regulations around the world to keep protected information private
    • Meet growing regulatory compliance requirements regarding protected information and establish defensible governance policies
    • Point-to-point fax transmissions are immune to viruses and malware attacks
    • Protect content with restricted access to any and all fax transmissions

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RightFax Brochure

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Product Video and Testimonials

RightFax Corporate Environment Video

Manor ISD RightFax Testimonial Video


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