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RSA Transforms - Transform Legacy LCDS, DJDE, XES, Metacode and IPDS to PostScript and PDF

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Improve productivity by transforming LCDS and metacode data streams for printing on network, midrange, or production printers.

For decades, M.I.S. Print has enabled the reliable, transparent migration from legacy output devices to modern network printers. Thousands of customers rely on us every day for transactional data conversion. They each enjoy improved equipment utilization, increased productivity, and reduced expenses.

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Features and Benefits

Choose proven, automated data transformation.

Loaded with features to maximize print center efficiency.

  • Supports LCDS, DJDE Metacode, XES/UDK, SCS, ASCII, and EBCDIC Line Data
  • Efficient PostScript output optimized for production printers
  • 100% Fidelity Guarantee
  • Co-resident on select production printers
  • Supports all paper sizes
  • Robust media handling
  • Full inline finishing support
  • Full and subset reprinting
  • Resource management with automatic distribution to multiple controllers
  • PDF/A archiving, splitting, indexing, and document management integration
  • Comprehensive OTEXT support
  • BTEXT support for check assurance
  • Highlight color support
  • QManager Pro for PRISMAsync integration

Only one company has been leading the industry for more than 25 years with submission, transformation and management solutions that assure customer success. See for yourself why so many enterprises rely on Rochester Software Associates to turn printing into productivity.

Transform legacy data streams. Transform business performance.

M.I.S. Print improves productivity by transforming legacy data streams, but the benefits go far beyond that. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced printing expenses by consolidating printers
  • Enabling printing and sharing of proprietary legacy documents
  • Enabling distributed print
  • Use can even be expanded with PDF and archiving

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