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uniFLOW Capture - Scan Management Software

Enterprise Office Software


Secure Scanning

To prevent unauthorized use of a device, uniFLOW Capture allows users to identify themselves at the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE with a variety of methods. Users can be granted different access rights to various functions of the device based on their job role. For example, a user may only be granted access to specific scan workflows, helping to enhance the security of your documents.

Real Follow-Me/ Personalized Scanning

Users have different scanning requirements depending on their job role. uniFLOW Capture allows users to identify themselves at the device and only view the workflows that are relevant to them. These workflows can follow end-users from device to device within the company, which means they are available to them on any device they log on to. With only one platform, the administrator can define workflows accessible to certain departments only or available to everyone within the organization.

Convenient Scan Interface

After a successful logon the user is provided with an intuitive user interface and can begin scanning. When scanning a document, a preview is generated allowing the end-user to verify their job. Information can be added automatically or manually to the job.

Unifying Scanning and Printing

When operating an existing Canon multifunction device, users can employ the same identification method and interface for both scanning and printing. After logging on, users can select either their secure print queue or their personal scan workflow. This removes the need to retrain users on how to access or use the device and the requirement to manage users, roles, and cost centers with two different IT systems.

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Powerful Scan Processing Engine:

Your scanned paper documents can be converted into highly compressed editable digital formats.

Personalized Workflows:

Easily configurable scanning workflows for different users or groups which follow the user around the organization.

Integration with Back Office Systems:

Scans can be sent directly to various destinations; email, folders, DMS and cloud services.

Device-Based Licensing System:

Minimize your investment risks and upgrade your multi-functional device to an essential office tool to realize immediate gains.

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Product Videos

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Customer Testimonial

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