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Large Format Printer Software

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  • Flexible network-based site licensing provides a solution to grow with your business
  • Adobe PDF Print Engine
  • Full 64 bit platform
  • Quick Sets 2.0 for automation
  • Finishing tools including bleed, grommets and marks
  • ICC profiling
  • iccMAX v5 profiles
  • DeviceLink+ for color synchronization across devices
  • ColorCheck for output accuracy, consistency and conformance to standards
  • AccuBoost iterative ICC profiling for output accurary
  • PosterColor 2.0 for added vibrancy of solid colors
  • QuickSets and unlimited hotfolders to speed up production and minimize errors from design to print
  • RIP and print on the fly with multiple files simultaneously
  • Printer pooling and automated workflows
  • Automated nesting, tiling and rotation with color managed previews including finishing marks
  • Unique PowerChroma Black Generation and integrated ink savings with GCR+
  • ChromaBoost gamut mapping and extensive finishing and job editing tools
  • ONYX Textile including Step and Repeat, Color Ways and ink configuration builder
  • Color Swatch Books for color matching
  • White and specialty ink tools
  • Built in PANTONE® Plus, RAL, and HKS color libraries
  • Automated and manual named spot replacement
  • Extensive job editing tools including disproportionate scaling
  • Utilizes multi-thread computer processing to maximize your ripping power
  • Performance Quick Sets and unlimited hot folders simplify the production workflow RIP and print on the fly while ripping multiple files simultaneously - 2 RIPs included
  • Smart 16-bit™ processing
  • Multi-page PDF splitting
  • Automated nesting with rotation and color managed preview
  • Automated or custom tiling
  • Printer pooling with automated allocation of print jobs
  • Automated print-and-cut workflow
  • Robust cut path management tools and sewing marks
  • Simplified workflow reduces manual intervention and eliminates repetitive tasks
  • Additional RIPs can be added independently of printers to further maximize print production
  • Save up to 30% less ink with GCR Plus™ ink saving technology
  • Quick Sets and unlimited hot folders simplifies workflow
  • Easily add RIPs, print drivers and workflow modules to customize your production workflow
  • Browser-based Thrive Production Manager enables you to view and edit jobs in the print workflow
  • Distributed workflow modules
  • Job ticket track important information throughout the print workflow
  • Submit jobs from anywhere using Thrive Production Manager
  • Pre-production previews and proofing capabilities
  • See real time production information and status via web browser
  • Build your production systems with redundant configurations that eliminate downtime when hardware fails
  • Easily modify the production flow for job submission and processing

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Scale your workflow as business grows by simply adding software modules. Add RIP power independent of adding devices, ensuring printers and cutters are fed at maximum capacity. Distribute manual tasks upstream, automate downstream and significantly reduce turnaround times.


Eliminate late stage surprises and have confidence in the predictable output enabled by the Adobe® PDF Print Engine in rasterizing complex graphic design effects, including transparency layers, mixed color spaces and spot color handling. Achieve fewer prepress cycles and reduce the overhead costs of each job.


Maximize throughput with a high performance software architecture that harnesses the scalability of the Adobe® PDF Print Engine regardless of the number of output devices in the print production environment. Automate repetitive tasks, optimize media used, and reduce waste using Quick Sets™ and advanced nesting..

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