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tfLOW can help Print Service provides with all their business challenges.

Increase profits

tFLOW automation not only lowers costs and reduces cycle times, but it increases throughput, allowing you to run more and larger jobs through your shop without an increase in staff.

Reduce cycle times

Let tFLOW handle the mundane work of proofing and fixing files so you can get jobs out the door more quickly.

Provide better customer service

Your customers will love how tFLOW keeps all job related files in centralized location for easy approvals and status checks in a 24/7 cloud-based environment.

Eliminate rework

Files print accurately the first time. tFLOW automatically proofs files up front for common errors to ensure they are truly production-ready.

Free up resources

With tFLOW, prepress resources can now be redeployed to work that is BILLABLE instead of being buried in routine work.

Never lose a file again

tFLOW’s centralized communication portal organizes all your job status and file information for fast, easy access.

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tFLOW helps simplify difficult file management tasks and processes to optimize efficiency and production throughput. You won't find anything else like it with tFLOW's value and ease of use.

File reception

Automatically receive files from customers and place them into your prepress workflow.

Automated preflighting and proofing

Proof and fix files automatically.

Automated prepress

Own your own workflow by setting up a configurable prepress workflow system that moves jobs easily from file reception to finishing.

Connection to backend

Auto-send print-ready production files to specific departments, or 3rd party imposition, RIPs, or cutters.

Collaboration and communication tools for internal and external use

Use tFLOW's built-in collaboration, chat, and review feature with customers and your team to eliminate email chains, text messages and calls. Quickly approve files and check status of jobs.

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Product Videos and Webinars

Aleyant tFlow Customer Service and Prepress Workflow Explainer

See how tFLOW, the prepress automation solution from Aleyant can help improve prepress workflow.

Aleyant tFlow Webinar

Stream the on-demand tFLOW Webinar to understand how tFLOW can help with many of the most common prepress challenges facing printers today.

Aleyant tFlow Explainer


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