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Total Color Management Professional Services

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Color Workflow Assessment

The Production Systems Analyst will perform a top level analysis of the customer’s print environment, including current state analysis of equipment, processes and applications. The assessment will include an evaluation of the customer’s current color management processes; a gap analysis based on jointly identified issues, barriers, or areas of improvement; and recommendations on how to improve the existing color environment. The evaluation may include recommendations for equipment, software, training of staff, or changes to desktop application settings or color management standards within the print environment based on the customer’s unique requirements. Additional customer specific color management services may be recommended, including profiling services or G7 Master Printer Qualification.

Top Reasons to buy

  • Discover the gap's in color management in your print environment that cost you money, everyday.
  • Best Practices: partner with Canon Solutions America G7 Experts to close those gap’s, using industry best practices and the latest in technology.
  • Training: Many times the gap is a matter of training your staff in the latest best practices. Our G7 Experts provide benchmark training at a reasonable cost.
  • Lead Solution for customers experiencing difficulty with color management across multiple devices, or in a distributed print environment where the shared appearance of output across multiple color platforms is mission critical.

Profiling Services

Profiling Services provide customers with customized ICC output, Devicelink and monitor calibration services. These professional services are rendered using the customer’s color profiling software and spectrophotometer, and is provided as a one-off service, per device, per media via a SOW provided by your Production Analyst. If a customer lacks the required color profiling software and hardware, your Production Analyst will include the necessary equipment as additional line items in their SOW.

Top Reasons to buy

  • Create custom output profiles for your specific media and requirements.
  • Create profiles for your specific media on multiple color devices.
  • Profile and calibrate your monitors to ensure consistency.
  • Ideal solution for customers who do not have the in-house expertise or desire to create and manage their own profiles.

G7 Master Qualification

G7 Master Qualification Services allow customers to improve their color consistency and qualify for G7 Master Status. G7 Expert Production Analysts will analyze the customer’s current state (using the methodology outlined in the Color Workflow Assessment Professional Services section above), perform a gap analysis and make recommendations for the customer to come into compliance with G7 Standards. When the customer engages CBS to perform the recommended changes, the Production Analyst will partner with the customer to create the necessary changes (Equipment, Processes, and Applications) to create a G7 compliant workflow. At that point, the Production analyst will coach and mentor the customer’s staff to apply for G7 Master Qualification. Annual re-qualification is required as part of on-going Professional Services with the customer.

Top Reasons to buy

  • Shared Neutral Appearance cross multiple substrates and color platforms.
    • Color Consistency: G7 process eases maintenance of color fidelity across output formats. Use one proofing system to print to all our presses.
    • Move from output format to output format quickly and predictably.
  • Improved print contrast: achieve better image results than standard ICC profiles.
    • Take advantage of unconstrained engine color gamut.
    • Conformance to G7 standards (RPC5, RPC6, etc.)
  • Best Practice: our G7 Experts consult and train with your staff on industry best practices and methodologies in color management and process controls, from job submission to production.
    • Lower costs
    • Quicker turn-around
    • Higher quality
    • Greater consistency
    • Easier re-prints
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers who buy from G7 Master printers enjoy higher acceptance rates from proof to product.
  • G7 Master Printers are advertised on the IDEAlliance Website

Delivered by CSA G7 Expert Certified Production Systems Analysts, these fee-based services help customers assess the status of their color management environment through an on-site inventory and evaluation. Depending on the customer’s goals and the outcome of the assessment, customer’s may elect to pursue Profiling Services, TCM EXTRME or G7 Master Qualification.

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Product Videos

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