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Alchem-e™ CCM Platform

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The Alchem-e™ CCM Platform integrates software and hardware used in the composition, processing, manufacturing, and distribution of documents and other forms of communications. Tying value-added steps together helps result in high levels of efficiency and extends information to business users outside of the production process. Racami shares its technology and industry expertise with companies to help them achieve their goals.

The Alchem-e™ CCM Platform connects all the critical technologies of your digital and physical operation to help you create a master CCM system.

Customer Communications
Connecting communications to relevant workflows and technologies in order to provide visibility and control to accurately execute.

End-to-End Control
Customized user, manager, and administrative control to help ensure accountability to clients, customers, and service levels.

Deliver communications to various channels from print, email, SMS, fax, responsive HTML, and mobile app.

Transactional, Marketing & Fulfillment
Processing system generated transactional and ad-hoc marketing communications along with fulfillment orders.

Empowered Users
Enabling you to execute your responsibilities within the platform while simplifying your connection to external customers.

Flexible Deployment
On-site and cloud solutions providing accessibility to data, technology, and equipment with APIs and connectors.

Providing industry standard data security features and custom integrations to help meet your unique requirements.

Quality Control
Workflow controls and tools to help complete internal quality assurance and client facing quality control processes.

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How do you keep track of all the production activity?

Many companies invest heavily in MIS and other management systems, but the data that drives these systems is still collected and entered manually. Employees enter production activity data into spreadsheets, homegrown systems, tablet apps, and then reports are created manually and data becomes obsolete before it’s published.

The Alchem-e™ CCM Platform helps solve this problem by automatically collecting information about what’s happening in production. Alchem-e™ also automates the digital and physical work steps that make up the process. The Alchem-e™ Suite is your customizable platform to connect the organization with the data and tools to efficiently manage and control workflows and processes.

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Visibility and Control

The Alchem-e™ CCM Platform is a suite of technology solutions and a development framework to modernize your processes into intelligent workflows delivering visibility, control, and accountability to your enterprise.

The Alchem-e™ CCM Platform is designed to stay relevant with the changes in the industry by extending, expanding, and integrating new solutions and technologies into your CCM system.

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Alchem-e™ Workflow Engine

The Alchem-e™ Engine processes jobs based on the workflows designed, helping you control the work through each process step in the workflow.

While the engine executes the workflows, it is collecting information to support downstream processes, portal display information, real-time monitoring dashboard, and historical reporting functions.

The Alchem-e™ Engine is not simply moving tasks through a workflow; it is also helping you achieve better productivity by integrating systems, data, and people by watching over the health of the workflow processes, actively monitoring applications and sending user alerts when something is wrong.

Alchem-e™ Workflow Designer

The foundation of the Racami solution is a powerful processing engine with an easy-to-use development framework to simplify workflow design for business analysts, yet robust for senior developers.

The Alchem-e™ Designer enables users to construct a repeatable pattern of business activities and rules to transform a file into jobs to control through the digital and physical workflows.

The Alchem-e™ Designer uses a code management framework design for developers to create code standards that can be leveraged for multiple workflows while supporting the deployment of custom development.

Though Alchem-e™ Designer is appealing to senior developers, its drag-and-drop interface is intuitive for business analysts responsible for configuration management and deployment of standard workflows.

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Alchem-e™ Digital Document Management

Providing accessibility to documents where and when you need them, the Alchem-e™ Digital Document Management solution allows you to help create, capture, index, secure, store, retrieve, and distribute large volumes of documents on behalf of your customers.

With embedded scalability and redundancy, your organization can focus on serving your customers while Racami provides a document management solution to support your distribution, fulfillment, quality control, store front, customer service functions, and more for your customer communications.

Digital Document Repository

  • Features for security and reliability
  • Optimized indexing for retrieval
  • Store PDF, HTML5 and more
  • Application & Storefront integration
  • Call Center tools
  • Smooth end-user experience
  • Proofs and approvals
  • ADA and 508 accessible documents
  • Tracking & notifications
  • 24/7 support

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