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Aleyant Pressero

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Benefits Shared by B2B and B2B Storefronts
To the Print Service Provider
24-Hour Shopping, Store Never Closes
Multiple Storefronts Centrally Managed
Prepress Time Saved Using Document Templates
Storefronts Tailored to Your Needs
Quick and Easy Site Design/Customization
Customizable for Your Needs
Your Branding, not Ours
Reduced Production Errors and Confusion
Important Details and Deadlines are Not Missed
Receive More Jobs from Brokers
Easily Manage Orders Sent to Outside Vendors
Eliminate Double Entry of Order Information
Manage and Track Inventory
Reduced E-mails and Calls to CSRs
Multiple Print Facilies Managed with Ease
No clogging E-Mail Systems with Large Proofs
Geek-Free FTP
To Your Customers
Convenient Ordering Anytime
Quickly Find Desired Products
Instant Pricing
Easily Personalize, Proof, and Approve Products
Conveniently Save Products to Cart to Complete Later
Split Shipping to Multiple Locations
Order Status Anxiety Eliminated
Quickly Re-Order from Order History
Reduced Errors
Additional B2B Storefront Benefits
To the Print Service Provider
Customer Retention
Value Added Services at Minimal to No-cost
To Your Customers
Customer Specific Storefronts
Controlled Corporate Brand Identity
Centralized Purchasing for Multiple Locations
Managed Assets
Permission-Based Buying
Simple, Quick Inventory History
Additional B2C Storefront Benefits
To the Print Service Provider
Immediate Cash Flow with Credit Card Payments
Increased Search Engine Ranking
Increased Sales with Promotion Codes
Showcase Featured Products
To Your Customers
Login-Free Shopping
Design and Approve Online
Quickly Re-Order Using Stored Information

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Aleyant's acclaimed Pressero storefront system has all the capabilities you'd expect from an award-winning, top-rated, web-to-print solution.

The majority of print service providers will find that everything they need is already included in one of our hosted, software-as-a-service packages. For those with extra special requirements, there are a few add-ons that require additional fees. They are denoted in the list below as (additional fees may apply).

Website Flexibility Features

  • Automatic Link Generation
  • B2B "Corporate" Storefronts
  • B2C "Retail" Storefronts
  • Choice of Customizable Storefronts
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Custom Site Navigation
  • Custom Website Skins (additional fees may apply)
  • Full Control of Content Area HTML
  • Informational Websites
  • Multiple Navigation Menus
  • Storefront Root Level Domains
  • Storefront Subdomains
  • Submenu Support
  • Switch Site Designs on the Fly
  • WYSIWYG Page Editor

Complete Print Sales & Services Features

  • Common Asset Area
  • Integrated File Transfer
  • Integrated Web-Based FTP
  • Interactive Form Builder
  • Online Proofing
  • Product Expiration
  • Promotional Discounts
  • Searchable Product Catalog
  • Sell Custom Print Items
  • Sell Inventoried Items
  • Sell New & Repeat Orders
  • Sell Personalized Items
  • Sell Standard Print Items
  • Transactional Inventory Control

Robust E-Commerce Features

  • Accept MC, Visa, AmEx, Discover, PayPal
  • e-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Interactive Pricing Calculators
  • Pick-Up, Delivery Vehicle, Courier Shipping
  • Re-Order from History
  • Real-Time Shipping Rates
  • Save Cart from Session to Session
  • Split Shipments
  • User Specified Grid-Based Pricing

Value-added Services

  • Support (included with every paid subscription)
  • Training (included with every paid subscription)
  • Create Your Own Skins with Access to CSS (additional fees may apply)
  • Custom Website Creation (additional fees may apply)
  • Professional Services (additional fees may apply)

B2C Search Engine Optimization Features

  • Canonical URL Designation
  • Friendly, Definable URLs
  • Integrated Social Media (Twitter, RSS, etc.)
  • Landing Pages for Search Ads
  • Metatag Control
  • RDFa Semantic Tagging
  • SEO Support
  • Site-Wide Analytics (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Virtual Domain Name Support

Print Personalization Features

  • Create Your Own Customizable Templates
  • Imposition
  • Interactive Designer
  • Optimized PDFs & PPML
  • QR Codes & Barcode Support
  • Variable Data Merge from Excel

Extensive Order Management Features

  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Approval Workflow
  • Barcode Tracking
  • Content Management
  • Data Export vis JDF, Excel, CSV
  • Estimating/Quoting Workflow
  • Inventory & Product Usage Reports
  • Inventory Level Alerts
  • Invoice Reports
  • Job Ticketing
  • MIS Integration
  • Multi-Location Management
  • Outside Vendor Interface
  • Proof Manager
  • Third Party App Integration (additional fees may apply)
  • User Management

Enhanced Capabilities & Add-on Features

  • Catalog Image Pack
  • Custom Approval Workflows
  • Custom Job Workflows
  • Custom Notifications
  • Interactive Designer

Distributed Sales Support Features

  • Outside Broker Interface

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e-Commerce Portals and You Webinar
Hear first hand how successful printers have integrated e-commerce

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Testimonial Videos

Connecticut Color Holdings

Successful commercial printers can drive more volume with fewer touches, directly from a client’s smartphone to their doorstep with Aleyant's cloud-based ecommerce platform, Pressero. See how Rick Herr improved his digital operations at Colonial Printing by introducing private storefronts for his regular clients, improving the productivity of his print floor and freeing up more hours in the day for his sales teams to sell. Pressero is a Win-Win for this commercial printer and his clients.

Fenway Group benefits from Pressero web-to-print B2B portals

Fenway Group, a comprehensive communications company in Boston, MA, utilizes Pressero to provide B2B storefronts to a wide variety of their customers, including non-profit, direct mail, healthcare and financial services organizations. With private B2B storefronts, customers have a safe, secure and convenient way to order printing, 24/7. Pressero, from Aleyant, offers complete web-to-print portals that best serve the needs of both Fenway's customers, and Fenway's internal production requirements, all at a price that is hard to match.


Product Videos

Aleyant Pressero Suite Video

See the latest update to Aleyant's cloud-based web--to-print, job management and workflow automation solution.

eDocBuilder Overview Video

This unnarrated video shows the capabilities of eDocBuilder, Aleyant’s on-line Personalized Communications tool included with every Pressero Subscription from Canon Solutions America. Make personalized products from business cards to stationary to fully customized print pieces available to your customers, 24/7, from any device, PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Responsive Design Explanimation

This unnarrated explanimation takes on the concept of responsive design, and shows you why you should demand it from your web-to-print solution, today!

Pressero Overview Video

Take a brief introductory tour of Pressero and all the benefits an affordable cloud based web-to-print solution can bring to your business

Pressero Short

This unnarrated video show the range of capabilities of Pressero, Aleyant’s cloud based web-to-print solution. B2B Storefronts, Responsive Design and Administration, Professional B2C sites, real time pricing and shipping and tax rate integration are all yours with Pressero, plus so much more.

B2B Sales Tool Video

This narrated video walks you through the benefits of private B2B storefronts with Pressero. In just over ten minutes, learn how B2B storefronts can benefit your organization.

Admin Overview

Avalara: How It Works

This video explains the benefits of tax integration of your Pressero storefronts with Avatax from Avalara.


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