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Industries and Applications

Financial Services

Stocks, bonds, money orders, titles, valuation certificates, economic forecasts, buy/sell recommendations, board materials, sensitive reports, procedures and training manuals.

Legal Services

Stocks, bonds, money orders, affidavits, dispositions, transcripts, evidentiary material, contracts, wills, deeds, power of attorney’s, and titles.


School transcripts, diplomas, admission letters, report cards, hall passes, bus passes, textbooks, lecture materials, tests, credit vouchers, event tickets, and parking passes.


Gift certificates, coupons, cash register receipts, gift receipts, employee checks, and credit vouchers.


Proof of insurance, claims approval forms, release forms, claims checks, parking permits, manuals, and budget reports.


Tickets, transfers, vouchers, bill of ladings, invoices, packing slips, and other transshipment documents.<.p>


Manuals, tests, chain-of-custody documents, licenses (business & driver), passports, immigration papers, visas, permits, marriage, birth & death certificates, business certificates of status and incorporation, patents and other documents attesting to status or value, crossborder commercial documentation, import/ export documentation and verification.


Warranty cards, documentation, guarantees, and labels.


Insurance forms, doctor’s excuse notes, fundraising tickets, inventory control for pharmaceuticals and narcotics, prescriptions, patient reports and documents, transcriptions, parking passes, test results, chain-of-custody documents.


Instructions and documentation, warranty cards, activation documentation & licenses.


Event tickets for concerts, sports, theatre, lottery/gaming, and amusement park entry tickets.

Information Technology

Authentication material, documentation, labels and warranties.

Food and Beverage

Certificates, coupons, guarantees, receipts, and vouchers.

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Case Study

Education Sector Case Study

Large Institution Addresses Document Security Issues

The customer is a large post-secondary institution offering a wide range of courses, primarily in business and technology, though other disciplines are present. This institution has a significant number of students from outside the province including a number from international destinations.

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Document Security in a Large Sports/Entertainment Corporation

Fraud and unauthorized reproduction of registered or copyright protected materials is a concern for many industries; Financial institutions, Publishing houses, Insurance and Healthcare to name a few. The Sports/Entertainment industry has long been a target for counterfeit reproductions. Ticket sales and unauthorized performance publishing are just two areas commonly targeted. Unfortunately, you may have experienced this yourself if you have purchased counterfeit tickets.

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Arcis Digital Security at thINK Conference 2016

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