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BCC Software

Production Print Software

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Key features

  • Automation capabilities
    • 24/7 watch-folder technology
    • just drop in a folder and run
    • Threads can be executed and monitored by other applications
    • Use Input Filenames, or Time and Data stamps to ensure uniqueness and identity for each job
  • Support for IM® Full Service mailings out of the box, with no additional software
  • Enhanced merge/purge with householding, suppression and targeted marketing support
  • Mail.dat file generation with advanced updating feature
  • Unlike other vendors, we offer 24/7 live customer support access
  • Manifesting support for First-Class, Standard and Bound Printed Matter
  • Support for Co-mail
    • Mix Weights and Permits in mailings for the best possible savings
    • Standard Mail® (Included in FS)
    • Periodical - Mixed Class
  • Direct access to our Data Services for NCOALink®, DSF2® and Track N Trace® - no third parties between you and your data
  • Intelligent Mail® Package barcode supported

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Maximize Value & Efficiency

Make more for less. Bring in top revenue while spending less.

  • Automate jobs to decrease your labor costs and increase mailing job volumes
  • Keep your equipment - software is compatible with high-end ink-jet equipment
  • Qualify for multiple postage discounts, including:
    • Intelligent Mail®
    • Multi-piece parcels
    • Bound Printed Matter
    • Co-mail
  • Maximize the accuracy and detail of your address database for greater postage discounts

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Decrease your turnaround time

  • Import files of any size from any source to get jobs underway faster
  • Use the built-in, high-speed address matching engine to quickly improve your lists
  • Set FAST® appointments quickly and easily from within your presort software
  • Analyze the time savings and value of co-mail opportunities
  • Generate label proofs without taking printers down

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Improve your relationships

  • Pass postage discounts on to your customers
  • Provide quick turnaround times by reducing labor and processing time with automation
  • Enhance data with built in tools
    • Geocoding
    • Genderization
    • Data Cleansing tools
  • Access to industry leading Data Services
    • Track N Trace mailpiece delivery tracking
    • DSF2 processing to get the best possible postage rates on dense mailings
    • Suite of Move Update processing solutions

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BCC Software Solution Overview

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